Bodacious Brush Lettering

Bodacious Brush Lettering
Supply List

Please bring the following:
Layout paper - Boris Riley Marker translucent paper(P10-100) is a good choice, or a marker layout paper..(P32-9)
Canson MiTiente paper - your choice of color - 1 or 2 sheets (PS61)
one Winsor Newton Series 7 No. 1 (BR28)
One Raphael Kaerell Flat 1/4 inch (BR24)
and/or one Winsor Newton Series 995 1/2 inch (BR01)
one mixing brush (BR43)

No. 2 Pencils and a sharpener, and Erasers (S746, E13, S86)
Ruler (a cork backed metal one is recommended), (S270)
Paper Towels
Gouache: Permanent white, (WNG512) Zinc white(WNG748), and one blue (WNG523), one red (WNG524), one yellow (WNG527)
and/or Watercolor - one red, one blue, one yellow
Small mixing pallet with wells (S679)

Watercolor paper or paper treated with paste paper (PA26, PS42)
a cushion for the chairs as they are low