The Flourished Name

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The Flourished Name

Straight pen holder AND oblique pen holder (H62, H65, H23, H95)
Your favorite nibs: Recommended are Nikko G (N113), Zebra G (N118), Gillott 303 (N72), Gillott 404 (N74), Hunt 22 (N93) or Leonardt Principal (N120)
Higgins Eternal Ink (I08) or Sumi Moon Palace Black Ink (I70)
Dinky Dip or ink well/holder (S934)
12" clear plastic ruler (S798)
Pencil (S142)
Kneaded eraser (E09)
Small dropper bottle with water (S140)

A few sheets of tracing paper (P43)
A few sheets of quadrille (graph) paper, 8 squares per inch is fine (P63)
Borden and Riley Boris Marker Layout pad, 9 X 12 (P10)
OR Canson Marker ProLayout pad, 9 X 12 (P32-9)
OR Borden and Riley Cotton Comp, 9 X 12 (P39)
A few paper towels (Viva towels are preferred) (S817)
(I will provide other extra items.)
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