Pointed Pen Perspectives, Romans and Foundational Styles

This is the supply list for Harvest's online class "Pointed Pen Perspectives, Roman and Foundational styles". Please click here for Harvest's Gilding with Instacoll video.

We are offering a special kit with all the items listed below:HC2 for $50.00

The students will need:


• Oblique pen holder. We recommend starting with our oblique holder for $14.95 - nice quality, fitted for the Nikko (H95). We have several other more deluxe models available; they are listed towards the end of the list below (H53, H61, H50).

Zebra G nibs are recommended, but you can use your favorite nib (5 nibs would be enough).

Grid paper at 8 squares per inch.  P22. JNB Grid Pad, 8.5"x11".

Translucent Layout Paper 9 x 12 pad. I prefer the Beinfang or Borden & Riley. P10-50. Borden & Riley Layout Pad.

I37. McCaffery's black ink. One bottle is fine; it lasts quite a while. 

Mechanical pencil (whatever is cheapest). I use .5, but .7 is acceptable. S681. Sumo Grip pencil with 0.5mm lead.

S798. C-thru 12" Grid Ruler. Transparent with a 1/8" grid. I like the transparent one that also shows the 1/8 inch grid.

Red pencil, any kind. S818.Verithin Pencil.

Blotter paper that is appx. 11x17. Harvest says 2 sheets of 11 x 17 will work. S261-11.
• Viva papertowels. These are readily available in the USA. For those that are not able to acquire them, we are offering a roll, S817. Harvest says: "They don't leave fuzz on the pen points or brushes."