Illuminated Borders - January 2014

The supplies needed for Harvest Crittenden's Illuminated Borders class:

- Pencil S142
- Kneaded eraser E09
- Ruler- C Thru 2" x 12" with 1/8 grid S798
- Waterproof micron pen, .05 in black or brown; popular ones are Pigma pens and Copic markers M17 & M18
     OR Waterproof black ink I70 and pointed nib N113 (Holder H62)
- A few sheets of graph paper. 1/8 inch grid. P22
- Translucent Layout paper. Size should be at least 9 x 12. P10-50
- A few sheets of tracing paper, at least 8.5 x 11in size. P43
- Fabriano Artistico 140 lb. Hot Press Watercolor Paper. 6 sheets appx. 8 x 10 in size PA82
     - If you have other Hot Press Watercolor Paper please feel free to use it.
- Gouache or watercolors in red, blue, yellow, black and white. In workshops I use Windsor & Newton Primary Blue (CMYK Blue), Primary Yellow (CMYK Yellow), Primary Red, Ivory Black (CMYK Black), and Zinc White. I like using the CMYK palette and will explain that in the class. WNG-HC1
     - YOU DO NOT NEED TO PURCHASE THESE EXACT COLORS. Any red, blue, yellow colors that you have are fine.
- I will also be using FineTec gold paint in the class. I like the Arabic Gold and the Moon Gold. You can just buy the refill pans if you want to try them. S741, S890
- I also like Dr. Martin's Spectralite Gold, Nickel and Copper colors. I27
- One or two fine pointed round brushes in size 00, 0, 1 or 2. You don't need one in every size, just one or two.
     - Moderately priced: Windsor & Newton Sceptre Gold brushes are good. The set of series 202, 3 brushes that John Neal sells are a good buy. BR27, BR27-S3 I like the elongated head and fine point.
     - Higher priced: Windsor & Newton Series 7 BR28 or the Raphael Kolinsky 8408 extra fine pointed round brushes are good choices. BR47
- Palette for mixing paints S679
- Scruffy brush for mixing colors BR43
- Water container S748
- Viva paper towels S817
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