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2015 Sept: Thomas Ingmire

Thomas Ingmire
September 27th through October 2nd, 2015
WORDS TO BE LOOKED AT: A continuing exploration of the affinities between poetry, calligraphy and music.

Pre-order deadline: September 21

A book of poetry by one poet, preferably a contemporary poet, not a collection of proverbs or one-liner’s.
Note: Other than the papers, Thomas has not indicated specific products. What is listed are ones that should be suitable and that we stock. You may already own other tools and materials that will also work well.

PAPER: Rives BFK or Arches text wove, or something like these two, are options. It is difficult to estimate the number of sheets. Six to eight sheets (20” x 30”) should be enough. Also bring a pad of Drawing Paper 18” x 24” (something like the Strathmore drawing 400 series (24 sheets)) The Canson Biggie Sketch pad is suitable as well, but it is more paper than one person would need for this workshop.
(PS91.) Rives BFK. 20”x30”. $6.55 sheet
(PS01.) Arches Text Wove. 20”x25”. $2.57 sheet.
(P100-18.) Strathmore Drawing 18x24. $20.99. Pre-order price $14.99
(P65.) Canson Biggie Sketch Pad. $34.80. Pre-order price $26.23

PENS: ruling pen, cola pen (or materials for making one: cola can, tape, scissors, wooden dowel) automatic pens (no. 4 or 5), a variety of smaller sized edged pens;
(N22.) Ruling Pen.
Cola Pen:
(N30.) Folded Pen
(N155.) Luthis Pens. Specify Butterfly, Moth, Fan, Dragonfly $15.95. MothXXL $17.83
(N27.) Automatic Pen. Specify size: 4 or 5.
(N02.) Brause Calligraphy Nibs. Specify size. Sizes in millimeters (0.5, 0.75, 1.0, 1.5, 2.0, 2.5, 3.0, 4.0, 5.0). Oblique-cut.
(N04.) Mitchell Nibs. Straight cut. Specify Size. Sizes 0(3.3mm), 1(3mm), 1-1/2(2.5mm), 2(2.3mm), 2-1/2(1.8mm), 3(1.4mm), 3-1/2(1mm), 4(0.9mm), 5(.75mm), 6(.6mm).
Two Zig Calligraphy markers Dual-tipped (2 mm and 5 mm) Black and one color of your choice
(M06.) Zig Waterproof (Pigmented) Marker. Specify Color: Black, Violet, Blue, Green, Red. $3.50 each. Pre-order price $3.15
A soft pencil, from the B series, B-1, 2, or 3.
(S142.) Design Drawing Pencils Specify B, 2B, or 3B. $1.25 each.

“I don’t want each person to have the same size brush or the same materials.” Thomas wants each person to interpret medium-sized. “I am not really looking for anything particular other than I would like for students to have a few different brushes. A medium- size, inexpensive Japanese brush will work, and if they have some kind of flat lettering brush to bring that. I do not want people to think they have to buy an expensive brush, because there is a chance they will not even use the brush.”
(BR31.) Yasutomo Asian Bamboo Pointed Brush. 3/8” $5.15. 7/16” 5.95.
(BR01.) Winsor and Newton Series 995. ½”. $14.47
(BR25.) Raphael Kaerell Flat Brush. Specify Size:
(N16.) Speedball B Series Nibs: B0, B1, B3. $2.19 each.

INK/COLORS: Black ink (Japanese or Chinese Sumi is preferable) 3 to 4 tubes of water color (a red, blue, yellow, black) and tube of white gouache.
(I70.) Moon Palace Sumi Ink. 6oz $12.95
(I43.) Best Bottle Sumi Ink. $15.85
Winsor & Newton Watercolor:
4 tubes of water color (red, blue, yellow, black)
BLACK: (WN331). Ivory Black
YELLOW: (WN108.) Cadmium Yellow; (WN348.) Lemon Yellow Deep; (WN267.) New Gamoges Yellow;( WN422.) Naples Yellow; (WN730.) Winsor Yellow.
BLUE: (WN137.) Cerulean Blue. (WN178.) Cobalt Blue. (WN263.) French Ultramarine. (WN538.) Prussian Blue.
RED: (WN678.) Venetian Red. (WN466.) Perm Alizarin Crimson. (Other colors are available for special order).
Tube of white gouache (Zinc White or Permanent White, not critical which one)

(WNG512.) Winsor & Newton Permanent White Gouache.

MISC: Thread and 4 needles, Artists Tape (1” wide). Also something that can be used to construct circles…a compass with ruling pen attachment (preferred) or just one with a pencil will be OK.
(S213.) #18 Bookbinding Needle
Thread: (color is “up to the participant.”)
(S825.) Londonderry Linen Thread 18/3. Specify color. $2.50

SOME OBVIOUS THINGS:Your basic range of calligraphy supplies including a palette for mixing colors, water container, mixing brushes, and paper towels or rags; scissors, glue stick or white glue, pencils, erasers, straight edge.
Palette for Mixing Colors:
(S679.) 6 Well Rectangular Palette. $1.25
(S120-30.) S120-30. Plastic Mixing Tray:30 Wel $1.99
More Palettes: here

Water Container:
(S784.) Water Container - 3 Piece. $3.99
(S731.) Foldable Water Container (for brushes). $8.80
Mixing Brushes:
(BR37.) Silverwhite Brush: Brights. Specify Size. Price varies.
(BR43.) White Bristle Brushes. Pack of 3. Specify Flat or Round. $1.20
(E13.) Staedtler Mars White Plastic Eraser $1.45
Other erasers can be found here
Straight Edge:
(S271.) Metal Ruler: 18in. $5.50

ITEMS THAT MAY OR MAY NOT BE USED... Misc. collage materials, liquid resist

Final note: If the list seems overwhelming pare it down to what you can handle. The volume and/or types of tools in your possession will not define your creative efforts.
Liquid Resist:
(S198-1.) Pebeo Drawing Gum 1.5 oz. $7.90

Please note that John Neal will be at the workshop Sunday evening for those that need additional supplies. You can also pre-order from John Neal and your supplies will be waiting for you on Sunday 9/27. (Order on the web or 800-369-9598)

Non – Calligraphic Materials
Flash light. Bedding and towels are supplied for all accommodations.

Book list (there are no books required for this class)
Books by/about Thomas Ingmire and his work:
(B900.) Words of Risk: The Art of Thomas Ingmire by Michael Gullick. Paper. Retail Price $25.00. SALE $16.99
(B2614.) Codici 1 edited by Thomas Ingmire. 2003. 64pp. 8.5"x11". Paper $22.95
(LR26-1.) Letter Arts Review 26-1 has a 16-page, profusely illustrated article on the Thomas Ingmire / Manuel Neri collaboration. $14.50
(B3840.) Things that Dream: Contemporary Calligraphic Artists' Books. Hardcover $99.00

These are books that Thomas has referenced in other workshops.
(B2783.) The Calligraphic Line by Hans Joachim Burgert. 1989 (2002). Translated by Brody Neuenschwander. 1989 (2002). Paper $35.00
(B3185.) Paul Klee: Painting Music by Hajo Duchting. Translated by Penelope Crowe. 2004. 111pp. Paper $14.95
(B3186.) Concerning the Spiritual in Art by Wassily Kandinsky.Paper $5.95
Lettering as Drawing by Nicholete Gray. Out of print.

PS91. Rives BFK Paper (250 gsm)
Rives BFK 22"x30"

This printmaking papers has set the standard for every mouldmade grade manufactured in Europe.

Perhaps its best quality is its consistency. Made with 100% cotton and no optical brightening agents, it is a bright white, smooth, soft and pliable sheet. Dimensionally stable, BFK Rives is a versatile substrate with an absorbent wove surface that is suitable for all forms of printmaking. The paper works well with inks and is heavy enough for washes and watercolor. Mouldmade in France. Grain direction is parallel to underlined dimension.

100% Cotton. pH neutral. White. 250gsm. 2 natural deckles, 2 tear deckles.

This paper ships separately from books/supplies and requires an extra shipping fee which is NOT included in the price of this product. Add item 'PS00' to your cart after adding large sheets of paper. (click to read details)

Your Price $10.24

PS01. Arches Text Wove (half sheet)
Arches Text Wove
100% rag, pH neutral. 20"x25.5". 120gsm. White. Smooth (wove) finish. 2 deckles, 2 cut edges.

Takes ink well. A great, slightly soft paper to write on. One of our most popular papers. Great for paste paper. Mouldmade in France.

Grain runs parallel to the underlined dimension.

This paper ships separately from books/supplies and requires an extra shipping fee which is NOT included in the price of this product. Add item 'PS00' to your cart after adding large sheets of paper. (click to read details)

Your Price $4.44

N22. Ruling Pen
N22. Ruling Pen.

Julian Waters, Gottfried Pott, and many others are using ruling pens to produce expressive letters. This calligraphy ruling pen is designed specifically for lettering. You vary the line width by tilting the pen. Wood handle with brass collar & writing unit.

Your Price

N30. Folded Ruling Pen
Folded Ruling Pen

Introduced at Letterforum in 1995, this innovative lettering tool has been popular ever since. Use it to produce tight "brush lettering" with a pen or for wild, fun, expressive lettering. These are the originals made by Matthew Coffin and highly praised by Carl Rohrs and Peter Thornton as superior to others that are available.

Peter Thornton has his students use our Polishing Paper (S107) to lightly abrade the outer and inner surfaces of the Folded Pen. This allows the ink to spread out on the pen instead of beading up.

Your Price

N155. Luthis Pens
N155. Luthis Pens.

Folded metal pens for expressive writing and formal calligraphy. The tips are aluminum; the handles are unfinished wood. Approximately 6" long. Four styles are offered; each writes differently. The pens are from Argentina; they are labeled with their Spanish names.

"They give great edges and hairlines and flow beautifully. For as thin an edge as it has, it's amazingly stable. And the thin handle makes manipulation easy. I can recommend them highly." - Carrie Imai

Butterfly (Mariposa). Has two writing edges.
Moth (Polillita). A smaller version of Butterfly (Mariposa).
Fan (Abanico). The writing edge curve is similar to a standard folded pen or calligraphy ruling pen.
Dragonfly (Libélula). The writing edge has a unique curve that allows you to change writing styles quickly. Carol DuBosch's favorite of the four.

Purchase all four and save: use code N155-S4.

Click here to see sample writing of the Libelula

Click here to see sample writing with the Mariposa.

We have added a new, larger pen:
Moth XXL (Polilla XXL). This is a larger version of the Moth.

Click here to see sample writing with the Polilla XXL.

Click here to see more sample writing with the Polilla XXL.

Your Price $16.95

N04. Mitchell Nibs (Round Hand)
Mitchell Rexel Round Hand Nibs
Straight cut. Sizes 0(3.3mm), 1(3mm), 1-1/2(2.5mm),
2(2.3mm), 2-1/2(1.8mm), 3(1.4mm), 3-1/2(1mm),
4(0.9mm), 5(.75mm), 6(.6mm).

Flexible calligraphy nibs from England. Straight cut. Reservoirs are purchased separately. Though they are called Round Hand, these chisel edge nibs are good for many alphabets including Carolingian, Italic, Uncials, Gothic, Foundational Hand, and Roman Caps. Used by professional calligraphers with and without the reservoirs. Some beginners may have trouble with the flexibility. One of our most popular nibs for calligraphy. Give them a try.

See N05 for Left Hand Mitchell Nibs.

Your Price $1.45

M06. Zig Waterproof (Pigmented) Marker

Zig Waterproof Marker. Pigmented ink. You get two tips on each pen: 2.0mm & 5.0mm. Water-resistant on paper when completely dry: their marks do not feather and bleed when water is dropped onto them, unlike marks made with non-waterproof markers. Now called Memory System Calligraphy Marker.

Specify Color:
10 Black, 40 Green, 20 Red, 80 Violet, 30 Blue.

Your Price $3.89

S142. Design Drawing Pencils
Design Drawing Pencils
Design 3800. Prismacolor Turquoise.

"6H" is hardest lead. "9B" is softest lead, Specify 6H, 5H, 4H, 3H, 2H, HB, H, F, B, 2B, 3B, 4B, 5B, 6B.

Your Price

BR01. W&N 995 Chisel Lettering Brush
Chisel Edged Lettering Brush

The standard brush recommended by John Stevens, Carl Rohrs and other instructors for chisel-edged alphabets. Golden nylon flat watercolor brush with seamless nickel ferrules and clear plastic handle. Durable and responsive.
Winsor and Newton Series 995 flat watercolor brush.

Choose from three sizes:


Change size selector to see sale prices.

Your Price $20.29

N16. Speedball B Series
Specify size: B0, B0.5, B1, B2, B3, B4, B5, B5.5, B6

B Series is a round nib ideal for Gothic or outline letters. Also often used by illustrators for cartoons, uniform line drawings, borders, and display posters.

For more information about Speedball B nibs, click here.

Your Price

I70. Moon Palace Sumi Ink
Moon Palace Sumi
The Ink is now in a bottle with a Gold Label

While the packaging is a bit different, this is the highly sought after and highly recommended Japanese Sumi Ink. For both broad edge and pointed pen work. Dries waterproof. A great calligraphy ink.

"I like Moon Palace better, but both Moon Palace and Best Bottle are beautiful inks. The Moon Palace has a slight sheen to it, which I like. Michael suggested this ink to me so please tell him I said, "thank you". I just finished a job of 200 invitations with Moon Palace and the ink is beautiful. I did not dilute the ink.
A client just brought me invitations (slick paper) to address. This bride knew going into this that I probably couldn't do pointed pen. However, for fun, I tried the Sumi inks and to my surprise they worked pretty darn good. I usually have to use a sharpie on slick envelopes, yikes!!!"

--Clair F., Jan 2011.

Four sizes available:

2.0 oz (widemouthed jar)
6.0 oz (180ml)

15 & 60 oz are temporarily unavailable: arriving Dec 2019

Your Price

I43. Best Bottle Sumi Ink
Best Bottle Sumi Ink

This popular Japanese sumi ink is good both for beginners and for professional work. Smooth, rich black. Hard to find. One of the popular sumi inks for calligraphy. 6.75 oz, 200 ml bottle.

"The Best Bottle Sumi Ink truly is the best bottle. You can write three to four times longer with a pointed pen nib before the ink dries between the tines enough to alter the writing (this compared to Moon Palace)." C. M.

My test for any ink is to see if it will produce sharp thick and thin strokes at less than one sixteenth inch body height with a #6 Mitchell nib. Stick ink passes that test while most bottled inks don't, especially waterproof inks including sumi ones. The brown bottle sumi [Best Bottle] is non-waterproof, and I find it is better than others. –S.W.

Your Price

S120-30. Plastic Mixing Tray: 30 Well
S120-30. 30 Well Plastic Mixing Tray.

This palette has deeper wells than some of our other palettes.

Your Price

S784. Water Container - 3 Piece
S784. Three Piece Detachable Plastic Brush Washer

Three plastic water containers that detach and fit into one. Use this handy item for rinsing pens and brushes. Great for workshops.

Your Price $5.55

BR37. Silverwhite Brush: Brights
Silverwhite Bright. Short handle.

Limited Stock

A blend of soft white taklon filaments (synthetic) tapered to hold a sharp edge. Has a nice spring and decent color capacity. Short, polished, white-tipped silver handles and seamless nickel ferrules. Use for mixing, painting, brush lettering, or loading your pen. Suitable for water-based media including acrylics, watercolor, gouache, inks, dyes & tempera.

Bright, Size 1 2.5 mm
Bright, Size 2 3 mm
Bright, Size 4 4mm
Bright, Size 6 5 mm
Bright, Size 8 8 mm
Bright, Size 10 15mm

Your Price $4.80

BR43. White Bristle Brushes (pack of 3)
BR43. White Bristle Brushes (pack of 3)

Great for mixing gouache or loading ink.

Choose Flat (sizes 2,4,6) or Round (sizes 1,3,5).

Your Price

E13. Staedtler Mars White Plastic Eraser
E13. Staedtler Mars White Plastic Eraser

A highly recommended white plastic eraser. For erasing pencil.

Your Price

S271. Metal Ruler: 18in
S271. Stainless Steel Ruler. 18".

18" Flexible, cork back. Marked in 1/16" and millimeters. An essential tool for calligraphers and bookbinders.

Your Price

B900. Words of Risk / Gullick
B900. Words of Risk: The Art of Thomas Ingmire
By Michael Gullick. 1989. 90pp. 65 illus., many in full color. 9" x 12". Paper

Using words as subjects, Ingmire's work has progressed from the transcription of texts to complex multi-layered visual statements. His juxtaposition of and interplay between words and images challenge the traditional role of calligraphy as "decorated writing." The book describes the work and working process of Ingmire and reproduces virtually all of his major pieces, many in full color.

Your Price $25.00

B2614. Codici 1/Ingmire
Codici 1.
Edited by Thomas Ingmire. 2003. 64pp. 8.5"x11". Paper.

Ingmire is best known for his expressive -- and often
non-legible -- calligraphic works. This illustrated notebook
draws primarily from Ingmire's teaching. It presents the assignments, support materials, the works created by the students, as well as images and brief discussions of his own recent works that relate to the program. Topics include inventing new forms, lettering as drawing, the expressive line, the shape and space of writing, the word as image, Hans-Joachim Burgert: the calligraphic line, the space of
writing: the ditchling project. The emphasis is on a visual rather than a verbal message.

Your Price

LR26-1. Letter Arts Review Vol.26, No.1
Letter Arts Review Vol.26, No.1

The editor's letter: Patterns of language
Briefly noted: A map by Dan Mooney
Thomas Ingmire and Manuel Neri: Visual conversation
by Bruce Nixon
Marian Bantjes: The rational ornamentalist
by J. Lynn Fraser
The restoration and conservation of Japanese calligraphy
by Christine Flint-Sato
cover artist
A conversation with Barbara Wolff
by Holly Cohen
An appeal for the inkstone craftsmen of Ogatsu
by Christine Flint-Sato

Look inside this issue (cover, table of contents, selected pages). This is a large file and may take some time to load.

Your Price

B2783. Calligraphic Line / Burgert
The Calligraphic Line: Thoughts on the Art of Writing
By Hans-Joachim Burgert. 2nd edition. Translated by Brody Neuenschwander. (1989) 2002. Approx. 177pp. 8.5"x11". Paper Spiral.

Presents Burgert's perspective on the role of form and function in calligraphy and writing, the history of the graphic form (symbol/writing/calligraphy), the need and development of cursive writing and alphabets. The second section presents Burgert's thoughts on the place of calligraphy in the Western world after the invention of printing from type and its relationship to type. Note that this is a photocopy reproduction. The quality of the illustrations vary, but all are photocopies.

If pg.60 of your copy is blank, see a pdf of the illustrations.

Your Price

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