Rascally Romans

Rascally Romans
October 17 - 19, 2014
The modern Romans are extremely versatile, and work well in concert with other letter styles to add interest and pattern to your layouts

Please include $50 non-refundable tuition deposit per class.
Make checks payable to CRAFTS CENTER and mail to:
Cedar Lakes Conference Center, 82 FFA Drive, Ripley, WV 25271
Phone: (304) 372-7860 Fax: (304) 372-7881
e-mail : info@cedarlakes.com www.cedarlakes.com Operated by West Virginia Department of Education
Fees: Commuting $143.10 , Dormitory $205.82, Semi-private $224.48
Private)$271.12 Holt Lodge: As available Semi-private $246.74, Private $315.6

Rascally Romans Supply List
Suggested: A Writing Board - to create a slanted surface to work on (not one with a clamp).
Layout paper -. Boris Riley Marker paper (P10) is a good choice, or a marker layout paper.
Good paper to write on - (some could be treated with Paste Paper Technique)
Penholders and nibs - broad edged - Mitchell Rexel Round Hand (N04), or Brause (N02) and a pointed pen nib (N70)(EF 66 recommended)
Ink - Higgins Eternal (I08) is recommended or a stick ink and gaken to mix it in A fine line black marker - such as a Pigma Micron 01 (M17)
A loading brush for ink - this does not have to be of the best quality about a size 6. Pencils and a sharpener, and Erasers Ruler (a cork backed metal one is recommended) (S271),
Paper Towels
a small T-Square (S753)
Gouache - Suggested colors (but your choice) Ultramarine Blue (WNG660), Cobalt Blue (WNG178), Paynes Grey, Cadmium Yellow deep (WNG111), and or Gamboge, Pthalo Green or Viridian (WNG692), Sap Green (WNG599), Burnt Sienna (WNG074), Burnt Umber (WNG076), Cadmium Red (WNG094), Quinacrodone Crimson or similar color.
Permanent white (WNG512), and Zinc White (WNG748) gouache (both whites)
Mixing palette (S679)
Mixing brush for gouache or watercolor (BR43)

Colored Pencils
A cushion to sit on