The Flourished Monogram

Straight pen holder (H62, H63) and/or oblique pen holder (H95)
Your favorite pointed pen nibs (recommended are Nikko G, Zebra G, Gillott 303/404, Hunt 22) (N113, N118, N72, N74, N93)
Your favorite broad pen nibs in various sizes (recommended are Speedball (N09) C-2, C-3, C-4, or Mitchell/Brause equivalents (N04, N02))
Higgins Eternal Ink (I08) or Sumi Moon Palace Black Ink (I70)
Dinky Dip or ink well/holder (S934, S853)
12" clear plastic ruler (S798)
Pencil (S142)
Kneaded eraser (E09)
Small dropper bottle with water (S897-2).

10 sheets of tracing paper (P43)
Borden and Riley Boris Marker Layout pad (P10-50), 9" X 12" or Canson Marker ProLayout pad (P32-9), 9" X 12" or Borden and Riley Cotton Comp pad (P39), 9" X 12".
Paper towels, Viva are preferred (S817).

Small compass
Scotch removable tape (S699)

Recommended Books
B2470. An Elegant Hand: The Golden Age of American Penmanship and Calligraphy. Hardcover $59.95. B255. The Universal Penman by George Bickham. Paper $21.95
B368. Ames Compendium of Practical and Ornamental Penmanship. Paper $10.95. Comes as loose sheets in a three ring binder.
B152. Ornate Pictorial Calligraphy by E. A. Lupfer. Paper $9.95
B3052. At Home with Artistic Penwork, Book Five: Bird and Design Flourishing. $5.95
B2476. FW Tamblyn's Home Instruction in Penmanship. Paper Spiral $24.95
B145. The Zanerian Manual of Alphabets and Engrossing. $39.95
Masterpieces of Calligraphy by Peter Jessen. Out-of-print.