Modern Storybook Script

Modern Storybook Script Supply List:

Part 1:

Straight pen holder, Speedball, black plastic or your favorite holder (H69, H62)
Oblique pen holder, optional (H95)
2 Nikko G nibs (make sure the nib fits in your holder) (N113)
Higgins Eternal Ink or Sumi Moon Palace Black Ink (I08, I70)
Dinky Dip (S934, S853)
12" clear plastic ruler (S798)
Pencil (S270)
Kneaded eraser (E09)
Plastic pipette or dropper bottle (S141, S897-2)
Plain computer inkjet paper, 10 sheets
Tracing paper, 10 sheets (P43)
Borden & Riley Boris Marker Layout pad, 9x12 (P10-100)
OR Canson Marker ProLayout pad, 9x12 (P32)
OR Borden and Riley Cotton Comp, 9x12 (P39)
Small bottle of water
A few Viva paper towels (S817)
Removable tape (S699)

Part 2:

Please bring same supplies as Part 1, but add:
Dr. Martin's Bleed Proof White (I38)
Dinky Dip (S852)
Extra Nibs
Dark colored card stock of your choice (smooth surface) (PA44)
Dark colored envelopes, different sizes, whatever you have
Optional: Sakura Gelly Roll pens, a few colors and/or clear and gold sparkle (M61, M63)
Colored Pencils, just a few colors (S818)

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