Modern Storybook Script

Modern Storybook Script Supply List:

Part 1:
  • Straight pen holder, Speedball, black plastic or your favorite holder (H69, H62)
  • 2 Nikko G nibs (make sure the nib fits in your holder) (N113)
  • Sumi Moon Palace Black Ink (I70)
  • Dinky Dip (S934)
  • Plastic pipette or dropper bottle (S141, S1017)
  • Borden & Riley Boris Marker Layout pad, 9x12 (P09-100) or Canson Marker ProLayout pad, 9x12 (P32)

You will also need:

  • Small bottle of water
  • A few Viva paper towels
  • Matches
  • 2 Paper Clips