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More Supplies for Bookbinding:
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Book Binder's Board  Bookbinding Needles - Linen Thread  Other Bookbinding Materials  Paper 
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S340. Jade 403. PVA.
Jade 403. PVA adhesive for bookbinding.

Used for hand bookmaking and box making. Use to adhere paper to paper, paper to board, board to board, cloth to board. Flexible when dry. Thins with water. Permanent bond when dry. pH neutral. Acid free. Highly recommended.

Choose size: 8oz (1/2 pint) or 16oz (pint)

Jade PVA will not work if it has frozen. Use caution ordering this item during the winter, as it may freeze during transit. Ordering in the winter months is at your own risk.

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S344. Round Glue Brush
S344. Round Glue Brush.

Unfinished wood handles, pure blond hog bristles with rust free ferrules. For PVA and wheat paste.

Choose 3/4in or 1in.

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S832. Glue Brush
Glue Brushes for applying bookbinding adhesives. Their dense, natural bristles load and carry a lot of glue and evenly spread the glue over large surfaces. Will not rust; metal-free construction. Choose Size: .5" or .75".

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S203. Yes! Stikflat Glue
"Yes!" Stickflat Glue.

For long-lasting archival mounting. Neutral pH. Will not react with air against paper. Completely organic, and can be thinned with warm water. Ideal for conservation of art & bookbinding.

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S391. UHU Glue Stick
Glue sticks are an easy way to apply glue for card and bookmaking projects, and many people think that UHU is the best glue stick. Dries wrinkle-free and works on paper, cardboard, fabric, photos and more. Clean and convenient for school or studio use. Large chapstick/lipstick style applicator. 1.41oz. Acid Free. Safe for children. (Germany) UHU 41197

"The UHU Glue Stick is my favorite glue stick of all time. I have projects made with UHU Glue Sticks well over ten years old, and they have held up beautifully."
- Michael Jacobs

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S233. Wheat Starch Paste (1 lb Bag)
Wheat Starch for Paste. Pre-cooked, dissolves easily in cold water. Can also be mixed with PVA adhesives
or methyl cellulose. Used for attaching paper to boards & leather to covers and in tissue repairing. Wheat
starch does not yellow. Also used for paste paper. Archival.

Click here for How-to instructions for this product.

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S343. Methyl Cellulose
S343. Methly Cellulose

Used as an adhesive alone or mixed with Wheat Paste or PVA. Increase the drying time of PVA, allowing for more repositioning. For bookmaking and box making.

Makes a wonderful paste for paste papers.

Choose 16oz.

MSDS Info Sheet (PDF)

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S820. Fineline Applicator (Empty)
Fineline Applicator (empty).

Fill with the fluid of your choice - masking fluid, ink, or watercolor. 1.25 oz bottle.

Stainless steel dispensing needles. Specify Size: 18 gauge (.8mm) or 20 gauge (.5mm).

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S820-S2. Fineline Applicators (empty) Set of 2
Fineline Applicator (empty ) Set of 2.

Fill with the fluid of your choice - masking fluid, ink, or watercolor. 1.25 oz bottle.

Stainless steel dispensing needles. Two Sizes: 18 gauge (.8mm) and 20 gauge (.5mm).

Your Price $11.00

S936. FineLine Applicator Cap for High Flow Acrylics
FineLine Applicator Cap for Golden High Flow Acrylics

This cap fits directly onto Golden Fluid Acrylic bottles. The 5/8", 20 guage needle allows you to turn the bottle into a pen. The Acrylic dries in a raised pattern, leaving a wonderful texture.

(Does not include the Golden High Flow Acrylic).

Your Price

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