Angenise Rawls

Angenise Rawls (@thegracefulpenstudio on Instagram) is a calligrapher and instructor in Hamilton, Ohio.

The Graceful Pen Studio specializes in Copperplate and modern calligraphy on paper goods, mirrors, canvas for weddings, events, and more! Visit her website here.

Some of her favorite supplies can be found below.

  • The Calligrapher's Business Handbook (B4204)
  • Calligraphy Styling (B4238)
  • Moblique Pen Holder (H133) or (H134)
  • Learning to Write Spencerian Script (B1816)
  • Logos Calligraphy Copperplate Pad (P86)
  • Paul Antonio Copperplate Script: A Yin and Yang Approach (B4210)
  • Oblique Holders (H53) or (H54)
  • Hunt 101 (N77)
  • Nikko G (N113)
  • Zebra G (N118)
  • Gillott 303 (N72)
  • Brause Blue Pumpkin (N90)
  • Small Dinky Dip (S934)
  • Best Bottle Sumi (Black) (I43)
  • Daniel Smith Walnut Ink (I145)
  • Classic Nib Tin (N200)
  • Envelope Drying Rack (S908) (Since so many new calligraphers start out with envelope addressing)