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Experimental Calligraphy: Hand Embossing

Experimental Calligraphy: Hand Embossing
November 14, 2016

For more information follow this link:

Materials to Bring:
• Gouache: one color (black) is enough (WNG331);
• calligraphy tools that you would like to work with in larger sizes, for example:
      • Automatic Pens (N27),
      • folded pens (N155, N30),
      • ruling pens (N22),
      • 2 pencils put together,
      • balsa wood (class demo);
• Some artistic paper: Fabriano Artistico or other handmade, thicker papers are great, such as Rives BFK or medium weight cold press paper. Soft papers are preferred (PS82, PS91);
• please bring some papers that you have already worked on that are lying in the unfinished pile, to develop for finished pieces, such as: paper covered with metal leaf, or some watercolor wash, one with some of your experimental calligraphy, a word or phrase, and one or two blank papers; sketch paper for practicing designs;
• tracing paper (P43);
• 3B pencil (S142);
• masking tape (S412);
• ball burnisher or tool with small rounded tip (S478);
• ideas of an initial letter or short word to be used for in-class projects;
• black ink non-waterproof (I08),
• or sumi (I70);
• broad-edged nibs in a variety of sizes (such as Brause or Mitchell) (N02, N04);
• one or two pen holders (H105, H111);
• mixing brush (BR43);
• palette (S679);
• notebook.

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