Decorated Versal Letters

Decorated Versal Letters
December 11th, 2016

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Materials to Bring:
• Any .05 Fine Point fiber tip such as Pigma or Pitt Fine Point Pen, Black (M17);
• automatic Pencil: .03 or .05 (PL21);
• speedball C-5 nib pen (N09);
• small round brushes, size 1 (BR26);
• pan watercolors or gouache tubes, your favorite colors;
• prismacolor or colored pencils (PL05);
• pad of tracing vellum, or Canson Pro Layout Marker pad or other translucent Layout Bond (P32);
• a small piece or two (1/4 sheet) of heavy archival drawing paper for your final design;
• usual drawing kit:
     • small palette (S679),
     • water container (S784),
     • #2 pencil (S142),
     • eraser (E13),
     • blade (S417),
     • ruler (S270),
     • rags, etc.

• Your favorite sketching or pointed dip pens (Speedball B-5 or Brause .5mm or 1mm or your favorite pointed pens for drawing) (N16, N02);
• saral transfer paper if you have it (S612);
• otherwise just rub back of paper with pencil to transfer your design.