Coastal Calligraphers Guild
PO Box 48216, Sarasota, FL 34230-5216
Coastal Calligraphers Guild is an active guild of calligraphers and lettering artists who meet in Sarasota, Florida once per month September through June to discuss and learn calligraphic arts of a wide variety. They also host an internationally recognized calligrapher once per year for an extended 3-4 day workshop.

Gulfcoast Calligraphy Guild
5889 Greenfield Street, Pace, FL 32571-7323
Gulfcoast Calligraphy Guild in Pace, FL, provides workshops, programs, newsletters, socials and maintains a library for members. The guild participates in the Heritage Arts section of the annual great Gulfcoast Arts Festival. Meetings are held on the second Saturday of each month. For information on meeting place, please, send a message on Facebook or call (850) 994-7323 www.facebook.com/gulfcoastcalligraphyguild

Ocala Calligraphy Guild
PO Box 1223, Ocala, FL 34478
The Ocala Calligraphy Guild meeting monthly at the Marion County Public Library in Ocala, FL. They offer a variety of programs, lettering classes, and workshops.
Visit the guild website for meeting times and membership information: www.ocalacalligraphy.org

Scribes of Central Florida
PO Box 1753, Winter Park, FL 32790-1753
Scribes of Central Florida is an active guild based in Orlando, FL with weekend workshops by nationally known teachers, monthly hands-on program meetings, and monthly classes. Information about the guild and their activities can be found on their website: www.scribesofcentralflorida.com and on their Facebook page: www.facebook.com/scribesofcentralflorida.

South Florida Calligraphy Guild
PO Box 430703 South Miami, FL 33243
South Florida Calligraphy Guild, based in South Miami, has monthly hands-on program meetings and classes and also hosts weekend workshops. Information about joining and upcoming events can be found on their Facebook page: www.facebook.com/South-Florida-Calligraphy-Guild-112202028800205