LAR Call for Entries -- 2020

To celebrate and showcase the finest calligraphy worldwide, and to recognize craftsmanship and creative excellence in the letter arts, you are invited to participate in Review 2020.

This is a call for traditional and nontraditional lettering, calligraphy, type design, letter carving, graphic design, book art, and fine art that employ hand lettering or calligraphic marks as a major element. Nibs (pointed or broad-edged), ruling pens, brushes, pencils, pixels, and/or other tools can be used to write, draw, or paint the letters and marks. (Please no typeset entries.) Works created since January 1, 2018, are eligible (except those previously published in Letter Arts Review). All works selected will be published in Review 2020 (Vol. 35 Issue 1, to be published in 2021).

The instructions for entries have changed this year. Please read the instructions carefully.
For more information, please click here to view/download the entry form.
You will need the free Adobe Acrobat Reader to view this file. If you need this program, download it here.

Deadline for Entries Extended: Because of the postal and other delays caused by COVID-19, the entry deadline has been further extended. Entries must be postmarked by September 25, 2020. In the USA, please use Priority Mail (or UPS or FedExGround). There is no need for express services. Outside the USA, you may use regular airmail. But before mailing, check to make sure your country is offering regular airmail service to the USA.
Entries should be sent to John Neal Books: John Neal Books · Review 2020 · 1833 Spring Garden St, First Floor, Greensboro, NC 27403 · USA

Call for entries: Letter Arts Review Annual 2020

What to send:
Photographs or digital prints or prints from your own computer or offset lithographic prints must be sent for all entries.
Entries will not be returned. Do not send original artwork.
A digital option is available for everyone outside the United States, and for anyone in the United States with a disability or other situation that would make a mailed entry impractical or unsafe. Email Shannon for details on digital entries:
What else to include:
Entry form and fee must accompany all entries.
We will e-mail you when we receive your entry. Please be aware that, due to many entries arriving in the weeks preceding the deadline, notification may be slightly delayed.
Label each image:
Write a code number with ballpoint pen or permanent marker on THE BACK of each image.
An image's code is the first four letters of your family name followed by the number of your entry. For example, if your name is Marie Angel, and you are sending three entries, the entries will be labeled: ANGE1; ANGE2; ANGE3. For detail shots of the same entry, the code is ANGE1a, ANGE1b, etc. Write TOP at the top front of each image.
Do not attach form to image.
Works in languages other than English:
Please provide a translation and/or brief description of the text used in your piece on the entry form.
Entries outside the USA:
Packages from outside the US should be marked "Material for contest entry. No commercial value." US customs or airport pickup cannot be provided.
Group Entry:
A group of entries from students can be combined to get the discounted rate for four or more entries. Separate entry forms are filled out by each person as usual, but the artwork and entry forms are sent in one envelope with one payment. At the top of each entry form write "Group Entry" and the teacher's name (and the class name, if all entrants are taking the same class). The entry can be organized by the teacher or by the students. Any work that would otherwise be eligible can be submitted as part of the group entry; the work does not have to relate to the class/teacher.
We will contact you by e-mail after your package arrives. Once the judges have made their selection, we will contact you again by e-mail to inform you whether your piece has been chosen.
If your work is selected by the jurors:
We may ask you to have your work re-photographed by a professional art photographer to provide the best image for reproduction. We will ask for more information about your work: media used, dimensions, author of the text (if any) and its source, and client (if any). We will also ask for a brief biography.
Each selected entrant will receive a complimentary copy of Review 2020.
Single Entry: $15US, $15CAN (Can$ cheque), £10 (UK£ cheque), 11€ (online SEPA € transfer).
(Multiple openings of a book or detail shots are considered one entry.) Quantity Discount: $10US each ($10CAN / £7.50 / 8,25€ each). Applies to four or more entries produced and submitted in one package by a single artist.
Payment methods:
US, Canadian, British entries may be paid by check or money order payable to John Neal (not Letter Arts Review). See entry form for further details and other payment options.
Call for Entry Questions? E-mail
Entries must be postmarked by September 15, 2020
Submission of an entry to Review 2020 acknowledges the right of Letter Arts Review to use the image for publication and promotional purposes, and that any permission to publish text or image has been obtained by the entrant.
For more information, please click here to view/download the entry form.
Entries should be sent to John Neal Books:
John Neal Books · Review 2020 · 1833 Spring Garden St, First Floor, Greensboro, NC 27403 · USA

Frequently asked questions about Letter Arts Review Annual Entries
What size printouts should I send?
Letter-size or somewhat larger works best for the judging, though people do send in smaller printouts and larger ones.
Where do I label the printout with the name/entry code (ANGE1, ANGE2, etc.)?
The name/entry labeling goes on the BACK of the image printouts. Any labeling on the front will be covered by an opaque sticker, which, unfortunately, can detract somewhat from your entry.
Do I need to mount the entry?
No. Unmounted single sheets work the best for judging. Do not add a protective flap; you can add a slip sheet between the printouts to protect them in transit if you like. You can also enclose your entry/entries in a clear sleeve. In a single clear sleeve is a good way to submit multiple images of the same entry. Christopher Calderhead writes: "I'm impressed by the lengths some people go to in mounting their entries, and adding flaps and other things. But in the end, I find it detracts from the work and makes the entries needlessly bulky. When all the work is laid out on tables for the judges, it's easier to review simple printouts on individual sheets of paper."
How many images should I send of a work?
One image printout per entry is the most common. For larger works, an overall image and one or two details that focus on the lettering would be appropriate. Bookworks benefit from multiple images: one that shows the work as a whole and at least one that shows the lettering in the interior. You can show two or three letter-size printouts of the strongest spreads rather than the whole book. If you want to show a number of pages, you can show them reduced with multiple spreads composited on letter-size sheets.
I have several works that form a series. Should this be one entry, or should each piece be a separate entry?
If the works in the series are always meant to be shown together, then the whole set is a single entry, and the judges will consider them as a unified set. If, on the other hand, the individual pieces in the series could be sold or exhibited separately, then each piece is an entry of its own, and the judges will consider each one individually.
Do I need to send my entry via overnight delivery or express delivery?
Probably not. USA entries mailed USPS Priority Mail two days prior to the entry deadline will be considered received by the deadline. Entries mailed regular airmail from the rest of the world a week prior to the deadline will be considered received by the deadline.
Can I pay for my entry or entries from the USA or Canada with a credit card?
Checks are preferred—it helps us keep the entry fee low—but credit cards are accepted. All credit card payment are at the US$ rate.