East Tennessee Calligraphy Guild
PO Box 50922 Knoxville, TN 37950-0922
East Tennessee Calligraphy Guild encourages community awareness of the art of calligraphy and to foster the continued study, practice, and use of calligraphy among members. Information about meeting dates and locations as well as special programs can be found on the Guild Facebook page: www.facebook.com/etncalligraphy

Memphis Calligraphy Guild
PO Box 17308, Memphis, TN 38187-0308
The Memphis Calligraphy Guild meets monthly at the Church of the Holy Communion in Memphis, TN. In addition to meetings, the Guild sponsors workshops several times during the year. They also take part in ever-growing and popular Calligraphy 101 classes open to the public several occasions a year. Mosr information about the guild and it's activities can be found on their website: www.calligraphyguild.com

Nashville Calligraphers Guild
PO Box 41485, Nashville, TN 37204
The Nashville Calligraphers Guild is based in Nashville, TN, with members from various parts of the U.S. participating. Membership is open to anyone interested in calligraphy regardless of skill level or expertise. The Guild offers workshop programs aimed at all levels of skill. They also sponsor an annual weekend retreat at Lake Barkley State Resort, Kentucky. For information about activities and how to join the guild visit the website: www.nashvillecalligraphersguild.org