Kestrel Montes - Copperplate Script - May 3, 6, 10, 13

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Copperplate Script with Kestrel Montes
Acorn Arts

May 3, 6, 10, 13, 2022  
1:00 pm Eastern Time (Detroit)

Live Class via Zoom.
Recordings will be available until June 13th beginning on May 13th (after the last lesson).

Arguably the most recognized traditional script, Copperplate, is a "must-have" in your calligraphy toolbelt. Kestrel Montes teaches the structure of an elegant upper and lowercase alphabet with variations. Perfect for those interested in learning or improving their skill in this versatile script.

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  • Calligraphy quality paper: i.e. Canson Marker Paper, HP Premium 32, Strathmore 25% or 100%, John Neal Bookseller practice paper, Rhodia, Staples paper 73333. (P32) (P25) (P20) (P53) (P104)
  • Your favorite pointed pen nib and holder (straight or oblique): Click here for JNB selection.
  • Ink (recommended: walnut, sumi, iron gall, or gouache): (I53) (I145) (I70) (I116) (I54) (I168) (WNG1)
  • Printer (for provided guidesheets & handouts)
  • Internet connection!
  • A quiet space to focus