Annie Cicale - Value Contrast: Exploring the Grey Area

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Value Contrast: Exploring the Grey Areas
Annie Cicale

2-Day Workshop

Beginner – Advanced


Traditional text consists of dark letters on white paper, but the most exciting presentations include all the shades between. This design workshop is for students who want to increase their understanding of color principles by focusing on one aspect of it—value. We will work with a variety of media to fine tune your understanding. We will work with a variety of media, including gouache, pencil, ink and collage to explore the many aspects that create expressive presentations of your words.

This workshop is ideal for students who are seeking to be more expressive in their presentations, but lack the training to know where to begin. The result is a portfolio of many ideas that will apply to their work, whether traditional or contemporary.



$30 Materials Fee required
(includes pre-cut paper and shipping within the contiguous United States)

  • T-square, triangle, 18” cork back metal ruler (S623) (S613) (S271)
  • Masking or drafting tape (S412) (S931)
  • Scissors, X-acto knife with #11 blades (S417)
  • plastic cutting mat or scrap of mat board (S504)
  • Pencils, various hardnesses (4B, 2B, HB, 2H) (PL38)
  • Soft eraser, such as Magic Rub (S86)
  • Water jar (S1005)
  • Ink rags or tissues, sponge (for sticky fingers)
  • Old toothbrush for cleaning pens
  • Dividers
  • Glue stick (UHU), rubber cement pickup (S391) (S199)
  • Dip pens, various sizes, your favorites such as Brause, Mitchell or Speedball (N02) (N04) (N09)
  • 5-6 pen holders, enough so that you won’t be changing nibs frequently. (H113)
  • Non-waterproof black ink, such as Moon Palace (I70)
  • Also bring, if you have them, a ruling pen, large brass pens, brushes, flat and or pointed—your favorite mark-making tools.
  • One very large brush, foam or bristle


  • One half sheet of Arches Text Laid or Wove cut 2 strips to 8×26”,
    plus 1 strip 4×26”. (PS01)
  • Layout bond or non-repro graph paper. (P32)
  • A few scraps of good white or off-white paper Scraps (5×7” or so) of gray, brown and beige paper, such as Canson or
    Strathmore, or other kinds. Other colors, too, if you have them.
  • Tracing paper for rough drafts. (P112)


Designer’s gouache in assorted colors plus Ivory Black, also Pro White and/or white gouache. Bring what you have; we’ll discuss paint qualities.

  • Palette for gouache, Old brushes for mixing gouache, some better ones for applying paint. (S679) (BR43)
  • Gum arabic (I84) (I85)
  • Water container, paint rags (S1005)