Mike Gold - Layout and Design - November 2, 9,16, and 23

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Layout & Design

Instructor Mike Gold through Acorn Arts

One class with 4 in-depth sessions: November 2, 9,16, & 23

Even though Mike breaks rules, he knows that, as Picasso has said, that you have to learn the rules like a pro so you can break them like an artist. He also believes that in order to be a good calligrapher or lettering artist you need to know layout and design principles. Ross George, who originated the Speedball Textbook, says “even good lettering, correctly spaced, is ineffective if poorly arranged.” That is why composition is part of every workshop Mike teaches. Whether you plan out your creations or work spontaneously, knowing the how’s and why’s of design and layout will make you a better artist.

Supply List:

  • Borden & Riley Parchment Tracing Pad (P43)
  • Strathmore 400 80# Drawing Pad (P100)
  • Two (2) sheets 11x14” Arches Text Wove (PS01-FS)
  • Two (2) sheets 11x14” Arches 140# Cold Press Watercolor Paper (PS47)
  • Black Higgins Eternal ink (any black ink you have will do) (I08)
  • 3-4 colors gouache or watercolor (Click here for our full selection of gouache) (Click here for our full selection of watercolors)
  • Pointed paint brush to apply paint or ink (BR26)
  • Pointed and/or borad edge pen (Speedball, Mitchell or Brause) (N02) (N04) (N09)
  • 1/2“ Automatic pen (N27) (N214 12mm)


  • Dr. Martin’s Tech Drawing Ink or Dr. Martin’s Bombay India Ink (I109)
  • Walnut ink (I53)
  • Dr. Martin’s Bleedproof White (I38)
  • Saral Transfer paper (S612)
  • Dura-Lar Wet Media Film or Borden & Riley Vellum Sheer Trace (P44)
  • Additional 11x14” sheets of Arches Text Wove (or other good white paper) (PS01-FS)
  • Additional 11x14” sheets of Arches 140# Cold Press watercolor paper (PS47)
  • Color paper for collage/scissors/glue stick (S391) (S835)
  • Pointed and flat brushes (I like Winsor-Newton) (Click here for our full selection of brushes)
  • Automatic pens (3/4-1”) (N27) (N214)
  • Other useful tools: ruling pen, cola pen (N22) (N211) (N208)