Anne-Davnes Elser - FLORA & FRANCIS : Monolinear Lettering - Nov 21 - Dec 20

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FLORA & FRANCIS : Monolinear Lettering

Anne-Davnes Elser                    


Prerecorded (Viewable anytime)            

11/21/2022 - 12/20/2023                                  

All Skill Levels   


Class Description:            

 FLORA & FRANCIS: Letter, Heart & Soul Growth A Calligraphic Journey

   Welcome to FLORA & FRANCIS with Anne-Davnes Elser! For quite a while, I’ve searched for a form of script writing that is connected with the natural world in a very direct, visceral way. We’ve all seen twig writing, nature letters, log letters, made out of chunky pieces of twigs and wood... and the exemplars will include some examples that I’ve found to be beautiful. 

   However, there is nothing out there that gives reverence to the logic and history of pointed pen script with its shaded swells and downstrokes and delicate hairline upstrokes. There’s very little that flourishes delicately - that nods to the pointed pen scripts we love: English Roundhand, Copperplate, Spencerian, Cursive, and so much more. We will begin our study of this hand, FLORA & FRANCIS, by comparing a shade to a stem, and how to transition a sketch of the flow of an Open-Shaded Script letter to a living plant with nodes that provide opportunity for new growth. 

Minuscules will be studied first, then linked into words, then majuscules. We’ll initially base our florals on the apple, quince, and pear blossoms, and then delve deeper into other florals we feel moved to explore as a collective.

   We will also use the provided inspirations from the past to expand our ideas, pushing and stretching our creativity to become our own forest type designers. If you were a tree, what would YOU say and how would you say it? Now THAT’s a great question.  

   It is one thing to draw a letter and it is an entirely different thing to GROW that letter. 

   FLORA & FRANCIS offers you that visceral experience - you, as creator, nurturer of the thoughts you want to grow, the healing you wish to cultivate, the burdens you wish to release... all of these things come from time spent in the natural world. Did you notice how quickly the process of my describing the logic of this class turned to the ethereal plane? THAT is what happens when you grow a letter. *POOF* Pen, pencil, brush in hand, you are already in relationship with the natural world - seen and unseen. 

You were made to speak and listen to the other side. We all are. We are channels and our paper is proof of our connection to that Great Source of Love. Our guides, our loved ones who have passed, the ascended masters, our higher selves, angels.... so much benevolence is right here. Call that magic what you like and adapt the spiritual aspect of this course in a way that feels good to you. 

   And you have one more: Are we still going to have fun, listen to music and is drinking allowed? You may fill your cup with anything that gives you joy, my friend. For me, sometimes it’s coffee, sometimes, tea, sometimes wine. But mostly, it’s gratitude for your being here. 

Welcome all. 


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Supply List:


More details for supplies and Anne’s favorite colors can be found on her Eventbrite page linked above. 



  • Get at least one of these and if you’re feeling frisky, all. 
  • Any Hot Press (smooth) watercolor paper will perform very well. Below are brands I’ve used and liked. If you already have a watercolor paper, you love or have, please don’t feel obligated to purchase any of the below. (PS110) (PA110)
  • Arches BFK Rives White Velin paper (PS107) 
  • Arches or Fabriano Artistico 140 lb Hot Press Watercolor Paper cut down to 8.5 x 11 or smaller. (PS47) 
  • Crane’s Lettra by Crane & Co. Fine Cotton 100% Rag. 32 lb. Writing in Pearl White. 
  • Southworth Resume paper. 100% cotton, 32 lb. in white or ivory. 



  • White eraser (E13)
  • Sand eraser (Tombow makes a great one) (E35) 
  • Teflon bone folder (S543) (S346) 



  • Derwent Graphitint Watercolor Pencils: These are soft and creamy neutrals. Get the whole set if you can.(PL520)
  • Faber-Castell Albrect Durer Watercolor Pencils




White Ink:

  • Titanium white watercolor or gouache. (WNWC1)
  • Winsor & Newton Professional OR Cotman (student-grade) Watercolors Compact Set with 14 half pans. 
  • Another beloved brand is Daniel Smith Extra Fine Watercolors. 
  • Turquoise Finetec metallic pans are also fab.(S1000) 
  • Make sure you’ve got a warm metallic (like a gold) and a cool metallic (like a silver or pearl.) The other color besides gold and silver I use frequently is the Blue Pearl - it shifts from a warm silver to an electric blue in different lighting.(S1000) 
  • Neon Watercolors whether they come in pans or tubes.



  • Pentel Aquash Water Brush - FINE. (FP93) 



  • Mechanical pencil to line paper (PL21)
  • White or kneaded eraser (E09) (E13) 
  • Tombow Mono Sand and Rubber Eraser 510A (E2000) 
  • Real bone folder to buff up your metallic accents to a HIGH shine! (S308) 
  • Ruler (S270) 
  • Water container (S1005) 
  • Paper towels or towel
  • Washi Tape, bone folder (S308), and postage stamps for envelopes
  • Pencil Sharpener (PL13)