Anne Elser - Open-Shaded Script with a Glass Dip Pen

Anne Elser: Open-Shaded Script with a Glass Dip Pen

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Supply List

  • Glass dip pen, Available from item code JH214 or Zillerglass
  • Fountain Pen Inks (recommend Ferris Wheel Press sample sizes in colors you’ll enjoy mixing) (I123) (I04) (I07)
  • Metallic accent inks or pens (metallic white/pearl gelly roll pen or Finetec watercolors) (S1000) (M64)
  • Transparent marker paper (Bienfang Graphics 360 9"x12" 100% Rag Marker Pad (P41) OR Borden & Riley 9"x12" 100s Smooth Cotton Comp Pad) You can also use thicker paper and a lightpad (S939) (S1013). My favorite is Crane’s Letter Pearl White 32lb writing paper (with thicker paper and no lightpad, you will have to draw the guidelines on each sheet)
  • Mechanical pencil (PL21)
  • Eraser (E13) (E06) (E09)
  • Plastic ruler (S798)
  • Water container (plastic to protect glass nib) (S1005)
  • Paper towels
  • Dinky dips (one for each of your colors) (S934) (S853) (S1107)
  • Brush to load metallic inks onto glass nib. (BR43)