Anne Elser - Flora on Point - March 27, 28 and April 3

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Flora On Point by Anne Elser

Before FLORA, there was Open-Shaded Script. Open-Shaded Script constructs letterforms by describing the swell or shade made by a pointed pen with at least two contour monoline strokes, drawn in the same stroke sequence seen in traditional scripts (Round Hand, Copperplate, etc.) The second stroke of a shade or extension of a hairline acts as a mentor stroke to the previous and is meant to offer gentle correction to curves (if needed) and to suggest the growth of a flourish, all with an open heart and gentle hand.

FLORA with Anne Elser was created drawing Open-Shaded Script with watercolor pencils and watercolors. This bridged the gap between drawing and painting, allowing the user to become more adept with the brush and fall deeper in love with Open-Shaded Script's unique freedom from the pressures of using a pointed pen.

Workshop Dates: 27 March (Sat), 28 March (Sun) & 03 April (Sat) 2021

Workshop Time: 8:00 AM - 11:00 AM (EST)

Workshop Fee: USD 110.00 / HKD 860.00

Supplies List:

Paper :

  • Colored, white, or Ivory Cover Paper: Any ink-friendly paper that won’t bleed with the ink you are using and that will work well with pointed pen and withstand a bit of brush work. Cut to 8.5 x 11 to match grids in the exemplar 
  • Canson cover weight papers
  • Arches Hot Press Watercolor paper (PA42)
  • Paper for Folding Envelopes: Ink-friendly high-quality paper. Any of these below will do
  • Strathmore Calligraphy Pad (This is a lovely ivory laid sheet.) 
  • Southworth Résumé Paper in White or Ivory (24 or 32 lb.). 

Ink :

  • Colored dip-pen inks of your choosing that won’t bleed. (My favorites are gouache/water/gum arabic mixtures)
  • Pan (cake) inks you've planted in your pallet that came from a tube and are now dried or cake sets : Finetec metallics and other brands. (S1000)
  • Martin’s Bleed proof White (water based that is thinned to your taste with water.) I also use this to make my mixed inks more opaque and pastel. (I38)
  • Titanium white gouache or watercolor (WNWC1)

Pens/Pencils :

  • Pointed pen nib for lettering and flourishing and a pen holder. I prefer using an straight pen holder, but you’re more than welcome to use an oblique holder if you prefer. (H133) (H104)
  • My preferred nib is a medium flex and not too pointy. We want hairlines, but something that you feel comfortable gliding with. You may wish to trade in your extra-fine flexy nib with something more sturdy. Experiment to see what glides well for you with a straight holder. (N154)
  • Soft Dark Dull Pencil for sketching (PL38)
  • Hard fine pencil for rules (PL21)
  • Any glitter pen or glue you’d like to use accent your lettering. I Love a Clear Star Gelly Roll pen by Sakura (M96) (M137)

Brushes :

  • Brush for painting: Pentel Aquash Water Brush - Small (FP93)
  • Brush for loading ink onto your nib: White Bristle Brush: FLAT (BR43)


  •  Bone Folder (for envelopes) (S308)
  •  Postage stamps (for envelopes)
  •  Glitter Glue, gems, etc., for accents
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