Aspacia Kusulas - Brush Calligraphy Retro Style - September 4, 5

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This is a 6-hour class in which you will learn how to use the tools correctly, practice the basic strokes and techniques to form 2 script alphabets inspired by the 50's American lettering. This class will prepare you to write fluently and continue practicing at home either with the optional workshop kit or with your own materials. You will learn and practice 2 different alphabets and will be taught to blend different styles harmoniously with composition techniques in a final project.

LIVE - ONLINE via Zoom (recordings available)

Date: September, 4 & 5  10 am - 1 pm (both days)

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Recommended supplies:

  • Tombow dual black and other colors (optional) (M120)
  • Tombow Fudenosuke (M126)
  • Practice Cotton translucid paper (Borden & Riley, Canson or your favorite one) (P25) (P09) (P32)