Aspacia Kusulas - Mindfulness Calligraphy - September 18, 19

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In this workshop we will consciously combine calligraphy with mindfulness.

We will be working with breathing exercises to focus our mind and intention on our practice; This workshop considers meditation to take the positive and free ourselves from past experiences and frustrations and be able to focus on the present and plan for the future. We will define our practice's purpose & intention and most importantly, we will see that reflected on a final piece with calligraphy, which we can preserve and keep in mind and in sight. This dynamic will help us to verbalize our purposes, capture them on paper with our hand in a present way and make us aware of the changes we want to achieve. 

LIVE - ONLINE via Zoom (recordings available)

Date: September, 18 & 19  10 am - 2 pm (both days)

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Recommended supplies:

  • Iron Gall ink (I37, I54)
  • Oblique or straight penholder (H23)
  • Nikko G, Hunt 101, Hunt 22 Gillot 303 or your favorite one (N113) (N77) (N72)
  • Practice Cotton translucid paper (Borden & Riley, Canson or your favorite one) (P25) (P09) (P32)