Aspacia Kusulas - Spooky Drawings - October 15

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SPOOKY DRAWINGS with flexible nib
With Aspacia Kusulas

Date: Saturday, October 15  
9 am - 1 pm 
LIVE - ONLINE via Zoom (recordings available)

In this 4 hours live workshop you will learn the basics of using pointed flexible nib and make spooky drawigns illustrations. You can use them on cards, envelopes, or even give a little scare by making an art piece to share with your friends and family.

The class includes printable handouts and the class recordings will be available to watch on demand right after the class until Halloween! Anyone can learn this, even if you have never used a flexible nib before. NO previous experience is required.


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Suppy List:

  • Sumi ink (I70, I22-2, I126)
  • Oblique or straight penholder (H23, H113, H114, H62)
  • Nikko G, Hunt 101, Hunt 22 Gillot 303 or your favorite one (N113) (N77) (N72)
  • Practice Cotton translucid paper (Borden & Riley, Canson or your favorite one) (P25) (P09) (P32)
  • Color ink (I160, S3000, I07)
  • Gouache inks; orange, green, purple (SG27, WNG1, WNG2, WNG3) or Coliro/Finetec (S1000)
  • Nice paper such as Canson ingres - black or light colors (PS05)