Allison McClanahan (@wildwoodcalligraphyandpost) - Addressing Envelopes - Ongoing

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John Neal Books is not hosting this class.

Addressing Envelopes With Calligraphy by Allison McClanahan @wildwoodcalligraphyandpost

Allison will take the art of calligraphy and put it into a specific use: addressing envelopes. There's so much to learn about envelopes and how to make them pretty. Hopefully, you'll be a master addresser after this class!


Cost: Access to all current classes $19 per month, $17 if paid annually

Pre-recorded classes: available until January 16th

Supply List:

  • Ink: Sumi (I70), Tom Norton’s Walnut (I53)
  • Nib: Hunt 101 (N77), Hunt 22 (N93), Gillott 404 (N74)
  • Nib Holder (optional) : (H115) —Adjustment PRIN for Hunt 22 & 101, Adjustment NIKKO for Gillott 404
  • Calligraphy Ruler (optional) : (S1086-S) set of AB calligraphy rulers