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Anne Tascio

Copperplate & Pointed Pen Hands

  • Rhodia Dot Grid Pad 8.25x11 inches (P75)
  • AND/OR
    • JNB Copperplate / Engrossers Pad 11x17 (P01-11)
    • Higgins Eternal Ink (I08)
    • Hunt Oblique Penholder (H23)
    • Hunt 22 Nib (22B) - at least 3 (N93)
    • Hunt 22 Vintage Nib (22B) - at least 3 (N93-V)

    Italic & Other Broad Edge Hands
    • Speedball C Calligraphy Nibs - C2 and C4, at least 1 each (N09)
    • Brause Calligraphy Nibs - Size .75mm, 1mm, and 1.5mm (N02)
    • Higgins Eternal Ink (I08)
    • Speedball Plastic Pen Holder (H69)
    • Rhodia Dot Grid Pad 8.25x11 inches (P75)
    • Gilbert Bond JNB Graph Pad (P75)

    P75. Rhodia Dot Grid Pad 8.25x11 inches
    P75. Rhodia Dot Grid Pad, 8.25"x11" (Sheet Size).

    Highly recommended for pointed pen work. Non-bleeding, bright white, smooth satin finish, 80gsm (22lb), acid-free, pH neutral paper. All are microperforated to provide a clean edge when you tear out the sheet. Dot Grid printed in light grey ink. 80 sheets per pad. Dimensions are for the sheet size (not the overall pad size).

    For other Rhodia Pads see items P53, P54, P55, P74.

    Your Price Increase Quantity Decrease Quantity

    P01-11. JNB Copperplate / Engrossers Pad 11x17
    P01-11. JNB Graph Pad with Slant Lines for Copperplate. 24lb bond.
    11" x 17". Approx 50 sheets.
    Slant lines - 55 degree angle

    Smooth paper for pointed pen. The paper takes the ink well and does not bleed or feather with most inks. (We tested with Higgins Eternal, Noodler’s, McCaffery's, and Richtone Colors.) The smooth surface helps avoid pen catches on upstrokes.

    Approx. 50 sheets with a blue grid and slanted lines for copperplate, 8 squares/inch. Grid may show up with some copiers. This pad takes the place of copperplate guidelines.

    This paper is available in Blank Pads (see items P20 and P25).
    For an 8.5" x 11" Copperplate Graph Pad, use code P01-8
    For a regular 11"x17" graph pad for broad-edged penwork, use code P72 (Gilbert Graph Pad) or P21 JNB Graph Pad.

    Your Price Increase Quantity Decrease Quantity

    I08. Higgins Eternal Ink
    I08. Higgins Eternal Ink.

    A non-waterproof, carbon black ink for dip pens. Our most popular ink for classes. Recommended for copperplate (add a few drops of gum arabic). Perhaps the best ink for calligraphy for a beginner; it will cause the beginner the fewest problems. This ink will bleed more readily than other inks. If bleeding is a problem try Sumi Inks. 2.5 oz.

    Quantity discounts start at 6 & 12.

    "For broad-pen writing, I add gouache to Higgins Eternal. Gouache gives Eternal some needed body. It doesn't necessarily have to be black gouache. Indigo or a dark red add an interesting hue to the result. In a quarter ounce of Eternal, I add about a 3/8 inch bead of gouache from a tube. Eternal doesn't give me the hairlines I want in pointed pen work, so for that I much prefer iron gall or walnut ink". - Bob Hurford

    Your Price $5.45 Increase Quantity Decrease Quantity

    H23. Hunt Oblique Penholder
    Speedball Oblique Pen holder

    Black plastic hourglass shape penholder with offset for nib. For copperplate and Spencerian. The offset helps righthanders with the letter slant. Most lefthanders use a straight holder not this oblique holder. However, some use an oblique holder.

    These pointed nibs work in this holder: Hunt 22, Hunt 56, Hunt 99, Hunt 100, Hunt 101, Hunt 103, Hunt 104,
    Gillott 170, Gillott 303, Gillott 404, Gillott 1950
    Hiro 700, Esterbrook 354, Brause Rose Nib.
    The Nikko G nib will work okay, but the holder is not ideal for this nib.

    Gillott 659 does NOT work with this holder; use H75 (Gillott Holder #51) instead.

    The EF Principal does not work in this holder. See H48 Ziller Oblique Holder (Size) PRIN, and both the Blackwell Holders H50, H61

    Your Price Increase Quantity Decrease Quantity

    N93. Hunt 22 Nib (22B)
    Hunt 22 Extra Fine

    Good flexibility - not too flexible, not too stiff (but stiffer than Gillott 303). Very thin hairlines and good swells. Works for scripts 3/16"-1/16". Sharp point (but not as sharp as the 303), but will work on slightly textured surfaces. Tends to catch on upstrokes. Satisfactory for Spencerian Script.

    These are sometimes called Hunt 22B.
    Stamped on nib: HUNT EXTRA FINE 22

    For more information about Hunt pointed nibs, click here.

    Your Price Increase Quantity Decrease Quantity

    N93-V. Hunt 22 Vintage Nib (22B)
    N93-V. Hunt 22 Vintage Nib (22B)

    October 2018: These nibs are currently out of stock. An order of 5 or more is required for backorder. We expect to have more in December 2018.

    "Extra Fine."

    With the exception of Nikko G, EF Principal and Brause Rose Nibs, they just don’t make pointed nibs like they
    used to. You will find that the Vintage Hunt 22s do write better than most modern nibs and you should find very few defective ones. These Vintage Hunt 22 nibs are a bit more coppery colored than the current ones. Highly recommended by Michael Sull and others for Spencerian.

    These are sometimes called Hunt 22B.
    Stamped on nib: HUNT EXTRA FINE 22

    For more information about Hunt pointed nibs, click here.

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    N09. Speedball C Calligraphy Nibs
    American calligraphy nibs for Italic, Blackletter (Gothic, Old English), Uncial, Half Uncial, Foundational and many other hands or alphabets. C-0, C-1, C-2, C-3, C-4, C-5, C-6. C-0 is largest, C-6 is smallest. Best in larger sizes. C-2, C-3, & C-4 are popular for beginners’ classes. They rust easily so let them dry thoroughly before storing them away. Speedball C Calligraphy Nibs.

    For more information about Speedball C nibs, click here.

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    N02. Brause Calligraphy Nibs
    Sizes in millimeters (0.5, 0.75, 1.0, 1.5, 2.0, 2.5, 3.0, 4.0, 5.0). Oblique-cut.

    Brause calligraphy nibs are popular with both professionals and beginners. Stiffer nibs with reservoir on top. High quality nibs from Germany. Order these if you have a heavy hand and apply strong pressure when you write. These chisel edged dip nibs are great for Blackletter (Gothic/Old English), Italic, and other hands.

    Your Price $2.19 Increase Quantity Decrease Quantity

    H69. Speedball Plastic Pen Holder
    H69. Hunt Plastic Penholder

    An all plastic nib holder with hourglass shape. The black plastic Speedball penholder. This is an inexpensive pen staff.

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