Amity Parks - Slow and Steady: Painting Letters with a Pointed Brush - May 1 & 2

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Slow and Steady – Painting Letters with a Pointed Brush
Amity Parks
Presented by Write On Calligraphers

2-Day Workshop
May 1 and 2, 2022
9:30am to 4:30pm
This workshop will be on Zoom.
Beginning – Intermediate; some calligraphy experience helpful

There are times when our lettering calls for a new way of working to achieve the effect we are looking for. Sometimes our traditional pens don’t work to create the forms we want or we are lettering on a surface that is not friendly to the pen. Other times we would like to use a medium that won’t flow through our pens. In these cases, it’s nice to have the skills for ‘drawing’ our lettering using a pointed brush. This tool allows unlimited freedom to produce any letterforms and to write on many surfaces.

In this class we will do exercises to familiarize ourselves and develop skills with using a pointed brush. We won't be ‘writing’ with the brush as many calligraphers do, but rather drawing and painting with it. This is a slow and steady process that is a good skill to have in your tool kit. Once we are comfortable with the tools, we’ll explore a variety of letterforms that lend themselves well to these techniques such as Roman caps and a more playful and naive version of caps inspired by old Italian inscriptions. Next we will experiment with creating interesting compositions and adding other illustrative designs as well. I’ll offer some tips in how to transfer our designs onto surfaces using patterns, and then finishing our designs using our pointed brush and water-based paints such as gouache and watercolor.

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Supply list:

  • A couple of good quality small round pointed watercolor brushes. Windsor Newton Series 7 or similar, sizes 0, 1 or 2. (BR28)
  • Tubes of gouache in black, white and several colors you like. A few FineTec Coliro metallic watercolors if you have them. (SG27) (WNG1) (WNG2) (WNG3) (WNG4) (S1000)
  • Palette with several small wells. (S679) (S1094)
  • Mechanical Pencil (.3 or .5) or wooden pencil with H or HB lead and a white eraser. (PL21) (PL38) (E06) (E13)
  • Ruler: see-thru plastic ruler or triangle for ruling lines (clear plastic with gridlines, if you have it) (S871) (S798)
  • Paper- a sheet of tracing paper. A piece or two of sketch paper such for sketching ideas. A couple of small pieces of a heavier (90#) hot press watercolor paper such as Arches HP, Fabriano Artistico or similar. (P112) (PA42) (P108)
  • A clean, cheap bristle brush, 1"or 2". (BR43)
  • 7/16" Pounce wheel if you have one. (Won’t need for online class, I’ll just demo)
  • Words/Texts that have meaning to you. A one or two word text
  • Writing board (piece of Masonite or similar, with a few sheets of paper taped to it for padding) to work on that can be propped at a low slant and something to prop it with. (S690)
  • Usual supplies: Water containers, paper towels, notebook for notes, masking tape, apron. (S1005) (S412)