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B4081. Heart of the Brush / Tanahashi
B4081. Heart of the Brush: The Splendor of East Asian Calligraphy by Kazuaki Tanahashi. 2016. 390pp. 7"x10". Paper

This book is a comprehensive and accessible introduction to the history and art of calligraphy as it’s been practiced for centuries in China, Japan, and elsewhere in Asia. It is a beginner guide to developing an appreciation for Asian calligraphy and for giving Asian calligraphy-creation a try. It is also for those who just wants to browse through and exult in lovely examples.
The heart of the book, “Master Samples and Study,” presents 150 characters—from “action” to “zen”—each in a two-page spread. On each verso page the character is presented in three different styles, each one chosen for its beauty and identified by artist when possible. The character’s meaning, pronunciation (in Chinese, Japanese, Korean, and Vietnamese), etymology, the pictograph from which it evolved, and other notes of interest are included. At the bottom of the page the stroke order is shown: the sequence of brush movements, numbered in their traditional order. On each facing recto page is Kaz’s own interpretation of the character, full page.

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B3892. Zapf Exhibition
Zapf Exhibition: The Calligraphy of Hermann & Gudrun Zapf. 2011. 64pp. 7.125"x10.125". Paper

This elegantly produced exhibition catalog presents their letter-art from Pen & Graver (1939-41) to designs for digital versions of Diotima (2008); pieces done with broad edge pen as well as ballpoint pen alphabets; manuscript books and book design for print; screen-printed and one-off works; and sketches, specimen sheets, and proofs for metal and digital typefaces (Diotima, Colombine, Optima, and Zapfino). English text. Some introductory text also in Japanese.

The exhibition was held in Tokyo in September, 2011 . It was planned to be held in spring, which are the dates on the catalog, but it was postponed to September due to the earthquake and tsunami. The Japan Letter Arts Forum (J-LAF) and Akira Kobayashi, type director for Linotype GmBH, organized the exhibition. The catalog is in English, with some material also in Japanese.

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BL4.2. Bound & Lettered Vol.4, No.2
Bound & Lettered Vol.4 No.2

Japanese Bookbinding
  by Graeme Dawes
Leslie Tardy: Calligrapher
Paper Treasures
  by Penny White & Laura Drager
Bone Alphabet
  by Jacqueline Svaren
Triangle Card
  by Michael Jacobs
Profile: Richard Minsky
Make a Pop-Up Box
  by Carol Barton
Calligraphy Acrostics
  by Barbara Jones

Look inside this issue (cover, table of contents, selected pages). This is a large file and may take some time to load.

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B3978. Dishu: Ground Calligraphy in China / Chastenet
B3978. Dishu: Ground Calligraphy in China by Francois Chastenet. 2013. 320pp. 6.25"x9.5". Paper

This photographic essay documents the practice of dishu, ephemeral calligraphy written on the pavement using clear water as ink. This practice originated in a north Beijing park in the 1990s and soon spread to most major Chinese cities. Thousands of anonymous street calligraphers operate daily in Chinese parks and streets. Their monumental scale letterings are based on classic Chinese literature, poetry, and aphorisms, and range from static and regular to highly cursive styles. Because of the scale, writing is with the whole body; it is a physical and visual dance.

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B3334. 100 Flowers / Yang O-shi
100 Flowers: Chinese Techniques for Painting Flowers by Yang O-shi. 240pp. 8.25"x12". Paper

Victoria Pittman has taught a popular flower painting class for many years at the summer calligraphy conference. Her flowers are made with a few strokes - ideal for envelopes, cards and small calligraphic pieces. As a resource for that class, she highly recommends this book: "This is a particularly good book, with many great examples and great illustrations." It provides sequential steps for painting 100 different flowers, from simple to fairly complex, along with finished paintings. Does not cover the basics of watercolor, just painting these flowers.

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CR7-2. Calligraphy Review Vol.7, No.2
Calligraphy Review: Vol 7, No 2

More on Book Jacket Design
  by Irving Bogen
Jiun Sonja: Master Calligrapher in Japanese, Chinese and Sanskrit
  by Stephen Addiss
Adolf Bernd
  by Kurt Eitelbach
Movie Sign Art in Taiwan
  by Keith W Strandberg
The Housekeeping Book
  by Linda Lanza
A Sign and a Witness: 2,000 Years of Hebrew Books and Illuminated Manuscripts
  by Leila Avrin
Book Reviews: Calligraphy Today
Words of Risk: The Art of Thomas Ingmire
Basics of Lefthanded Calligraphy
Paper Pleasures: The creative guide to papercraft
Cover Artist: Arne Wolf

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LR23-3. Letter Arts Review Vol.23, No.3
Letter Arts Review Vol.23 No.3

An interview with Luca Barcellona
  By Christopher Calderhead
Ghost Ranch
  By Sharon Zeugin
Tsubasa Kimura
  By Christine Flint Sato
Projects: An alphabet stone for the Rochester Institute of Technology
  By Nick Benson
Briefly Noted: Words & Healing
  by Anna Pinto
Closing shot: A Chinese Book
  by Christopher Calderhead
Cover Artist: Laura Wait

Look inside this issue (cover, table of contents, selected pages). This is a large file and may take some time to load.

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B3401. World Encyclopedia of Calligraphy / Calderhead
The World Encyclopedia of Calligraphy: The Ultimate Compendium on the Art of Fine Writing - History, Craft, Technique, compiled and edited by Christopher Calderhead and Holly Cohen. 2011. 320pp. 10"x10".

Discover the sophisticated beauty of calligraphy from around the world with this comprehensive, one-of-a-kind resource. Using visual examples accompanied by expert commentary, The World Encyclopedia of Calligraphy features 55 living scripts, including: Carolingian (Roman), Japanese Hiragana (Japanese), Thuluth (Arabic), Ü-Chen (Tibetan), and Yerushalmi (Hebrew). Each script includes an overview of its origins, traditions, and unique characteristics, while an expanded description includes the kind of writing system used, the direction and sequence of the lines of continuous text, distinctions between majuscule and minuscule, and the principal writing tool. Both a step-by-step guide and sumptuous visual tour, this groundbreaking collection will teach and inspire you.

"[The World Encyclopedia of Calligraphy] is phenomenal!" June T., South Africa 11-7-2012

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CR7-1. Calligraphy Review Vol.7, No.1
Calligraphy Review: Vol 7, No 1

Brush Vision
  by Kazuaki Tanahashi
Music to Be Seen: Ulfert Wilke
  by Michael Gullick
Deputy Serifs and Other Characters of the Old West
  by Alastair Johnson
The Lessons of My Youth: The Memory of My Father
  by Wang Hui-Ming
Ideas About Letters
  by Arne Wolf
Ninety Years On
  by Ann Camp
Book Reviews: Illumination for Modern Calligraphers: Practical Ideas from Nineteenth-century Handbooks
Brushwriting: Calligraphy Techniques for Beginners
Sho: Japanese Calligraphy
Calligraphic Designs
Cover Artist: Hans Schmidt

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LR12-4. Letter Arts Review Vol.12, No.4
Letter Arts Review Volume 12 No. 4.

The Essence of Letters: The Father Catich Slates at Wichita State University
  by Bill Jackson
If One Only Knew What Calligraphy Is!
  by Hans-Joachim Burgert
Against the Grain: Archie Granot, Papercut Innovator
  by Mordechai Beck
Caressing the Elephant: Or Just What is An Artist's Book Anyway?
  by Adela Spindler Roatcap
Devotion & Desire: Views of Women in the Middle Ages & Renaissance
  by Adam S. Cohen
Written on the Body: A Collaboration Between Peter Greenaway & Brody Neuenschwander
  by Karyn L. Gilman
Foundations of Calligraphy: Part 4 Minuscule to Black Letter
  by Shiela Waters
Book Reviews: Twentieth Century Type Designers
Typographers on Type
Letter Jesters
Cover Artist: Peter Greenaway

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