Brecken Cook and Jane Hales - Calligraphy Essentials: Copperplate - Jan 20 through Feb 24

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Calligraphy Essentials: Copperplate 

Sponsored by the Utah Calligraphic Artists Taught by Brecken Cook and Jane Hales. 

Class Description: Learn the essentials of Copperplate Script. Focus on letter form, spacing, layout, and tips for success with tools.

$70 for guild members $100 for non-guild members (includes guild membership)

Live on Zoom. Thursdays 6 PM to 8 PM Mountain time. January 20--February 24, 2022

Links to recordings included. We use "Slack" for homework and class interaction between lessons. 

The class size is capped to ensure teachers can respond to work. 

Supply list:

Oblique Holder (choose one)

  • H129 Dual-Use Workshop holder
  • H114 Turned Wood Oblique Holder 
  • H115 Adjusted Turned Wood Oblique (PRIN--get nibs N77, N120
  • H115 Adjusted Turned Wood Oblique (NIKK--get nibs N118, N113, N69)

Nibs: (choose three)

  • N72 Gillott 303
  • N77 Hunt 101
  • N120 Principal EF
  • N118 Zebra G
  • N113 Nikko G
  • N69 Brause Rose

Paper: (choose one)

  • P53 Rhodia Blank Pad
  • P32 Canson Pro-Layout Marker Pad

Writing Fluid:

  • I70 Moon Palace Sumi
  • S450 Walnut Ink Crystals JAR

You may also like:

  • S853 Jumbo Dinky Dip
  • S1000 Coliro Mica Colors
  • I38 Martin Bleed Proof White ink
  • SA-I28-S. Ziller Sample Sets