Barbara Close - Beyond Pointed Pen Uncial - Mar 26; Apr 2, 9, 23, 30

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Live Online Workshop

Beyond Pointed Pen Uncial by Barbara Close

This course will take you through the techniques of learning the Pointed Pen Uncial styles and then show more approaches of unique, contemporary applications. Let’s push the envelope a bit more to include thinking outside the box by extending and tweaking to give a more lively look. Useful projects will be given to practice your skills and have some outstanding show pieces

Workshop Dates: Mar 26: Apr 2, 9, 23, 30 (Fridays)

Workshop Time: 18:00 PM - 20:00 PM (PST)

Workshop Fee: USD 100.00 / HKD 780.00


  • Pointed nibs: Nikko G, Hunt 22 or 56, Leonardt Principle nibs (N113) (N120) (N93) (N86)
  • Broad-edge nibs: Speedball C3 or equivalencies (N09) (N02) (N04)
  • Ink: Sumi Ink or Moon Palace, Dr. Martin's Pen White Ink (I70) (I108)
  • Others: Pencil, metal ruler, vinyl eraser (PL38) (S270) (E24)
  • Paper: 
    * For practice paper (Canson Pro Layout Marker 9" x 12" ) or equivalent translucent paper to see line guides(P32)
    * For better quality paper (Stonehenge 9x12) (PA110)
    Dark colored card stock: red, black, deep green or navy blue
  • Optional: Schmincke gold powder & Sakura gel pen (M61)(
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