Calligraphy Strokes with Catherine I Bees and Flying Things with Markers - August 27

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John Neal Books is not hosting these classes.

Calligraphy Strokes with Catherine, Bees and Flying Things with Markers!
August 27, 2020 @ 3:00PM EST
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  • Drawing tool – Black, Pigma Micron by Sakura | two sizes, 01 (.25mm) and 05 (.45mm) (M17)
  • Brush marker - Pentel, Sign Pen Brush tip (be sure this is the flexible tip), recommend three colors – black and two of your choice (M97)
  • Alternate choice LEPEN FLEX BRUSH MARKER (M148)
  • Alternate choice brush marker by Pitt, Faber-Castell small (M43)
  • Canson Marker pad (P32)
  • Alternate choice for paper – Bienfang Marker (P41)

Watercolor supplies:

  • Small round brush (size 2) (BR30)
  • Small container for water (S1005) (S784)

Other items to bring to class:

  • Pencils – artist quality HB and 2B or 4B (PL21)
  • Eraser – Hi Polymer eraser or another artist quality (E08) (E13)
  • Low tack tape (like painters’ tape) (S931)