Bob Hurford - Fun With Split Nib

This class is part of the 2021 IAMPETH Annual Conference. This class is not sponsored by John Neal Books.

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Bob Hurford

Fun With Split Nib

  • We will be using the Mitchell Scroll Writer #10 and #60. These pens are both two millimeters in width, producing two lines. The #10 has the thick side on the right, the #60 has the thick side on the left. Your choice. (N11)
  • We will also use the 3.8mm Parallel Pen Scroll (green cap) with the split nib. (FP134)
  • Guide sheets will be supplied for all pens.
  • PAPER: Bring paper through which guidelines may be seen. Canson Marker Layout is a good choice. (P32)
  • INK: Mitchell Scroll Writers are standard dip pens so bring appropriate inks in any color you like. (I70) (I109) (I07)
  • If you plan to use the Scroll Parallel Pen, you will likely need four cartridges in your favorite color. (FP69)(FP70)
  • PENCILS: We will only spend a few minutes on the double pencil. (The day will be packed!) If you want to try the double pencil, bring two sharpened pencils and two or three rubber bands to bind them. (PL38)