Bill Kemp - Introduction to the Pointed Pen - October 24

Information about the class and enrollment, contact Bill Kemp via email at
This class is not hosted by John Neal Books.

Date: October 24, 2020 ONLINE via ZOOM

Time: 10:00am – 4:00pm

Class fee: $70 (check or ask about Paypal option). Price includes bound workbook & paper (value $20), which will be mailed to each student after payment is received.

In this one-day class,  for both beginners of the pointed pen and people who wish to learn Weaver Writing Style.  You'll learn how to use the pointed pen to create both ornament designs and an elegant script (Weaver Writing Style). 

In the morning session, you will first practice using the pointed pen.  How to make specific stroke and creating curved strokes – called “compound curves” – using either an oblique or a straight pen holder. You will then build on these basic flourishing techniques to draw a feather, cartouches, and other designs. (They might look difficult, but they are easy once you know how!) 

The afternoon session will be utilizing those strokes you learned in the morning to learn a script.  This script only has 26 letters, only one size, called Weaver Writing Style.  A script that was created by the late Gwen Weaver.

There will be a break for lunch, dinner, snack or just a break for about 30 to 45 minutes.

Supply List:

  • Oblique Pen Holder (H114)
  • Nikko G Nib or N76- Gillott 1068A Nib (N113) (N76)
  • Rhodia Graph Paper (P55)
  • Walnut Ink or Blot Iron Gall Ink or McCaffery's Ink or Palace Moon Ink in a 1 oz jar (I150) (I54) (I37) (I70)