Bill Kemp - Engrosser's Script

This class is part of the 2021 IAMPETH Annual Conference. This class is not sponsored by John Neal Books.

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Bill Kemp

Engrosser's Script

Class supplies

  • oblique pen holder or some may wish to use a straight pen holder (H104) (H115)
  • Nikko G nib or Gillott 1068A (experienced individuals can use their favorite nib) (N113) (N76)
  • McCaffery’s ink (any color) or your favorite ink used with the pointed pen (other suggested inks would be Moon Palace Sumi, Walnut Ink or Old World Ink) (I70) (I145) (I116)(I37)
  • since there will be a limited amount of guide sheets in your handouts, an alternative paper would be the grid-square paper (5 squares per inch) pads from Rhodia or Clairefontaine tablets (which is excellent paper for the pointed pen). (P55) (P36)