Pat Blair - Super Flourishy Caps - Oct. 29, 30

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Super "Flourishy" Copperplate Caps

Wed. Oct. 28 and Thurs. Oct. 29 11:00 am - 1:00 pm EDT

The more flourishes, the better! This class goes one step further from the “flourished capitals” class, adding even more swirls and flourished strokes to make these letters really pop off the page! Great as a focal point, or just to add some pizzazz, there is still a good deal of form and proportion to study. We will be analyzing these qualities, along with further practice with the shaded strokes contained in the letter. In this 2 day workshop, we will start with exercises to give us practice with the movement necessary for these open and free forms.... then a study of a complete alphabet of ornamental capitals.


Supply List:

  • 9" x 12" Canson Pro Marker Layout bond pad (P32)
  • Favorite oblique holder (H133) (H134) (H114)
  • Pointed pen nibs, suggested are Hunt 22, Hunt 56, Hunt 101, Nikko G, Zebra, Gillott 303 (N93) (N86) (N77) (N113) (N118) (N72)
  • Moon Palace liquid sumi ink, McCaffrey's Penman's Ink black, or Walnut Ink (I70) (I37) (I53)
  • Containers for water (S784)
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