Pat Blair - Ornamental Flourishing Harvest and Holiday - October 8 and 9

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Ornamental Flourishing Harvest and Holiday

Thursday, October 8, and Friday, October 9. 11am-1pm EDT

The pointed, flexible nib is a marvelous tool, capable of producing a multitude of expressive strokes. In this class, we will explore these unique qualities as we play with fun and creative pen strokes.

This introductory class is perfect for those wanting to become more familiar with the pressure and movement needed for the pointed nib. Using a selection of basic shaded strokes the student will learn the technique needed to control the downward pressure, and forward motion, and so become familiar with many of the same motions that are used in lettering.

You will learn :

  • how to create simple shaded strokes and combine them into ornamental designs
  • how to mix metallic medium, such as FineTec and use on dark paper
  • how to mix gouache and bister ink
  • how to draw seasonal motifs to add texture to the penwork, including oak leaves, holly leaves, wheat sprays and berries
  • how to design seasonal motifs, including wreaths, garlands and snowflakes


  • Oblique pen holder (H133) (H134) (H114)
  • several pointed pen nibs such as Hunt 22, 56, or Gillott 303, Leonardt Principal, or your favorite (N93) (N72) (N120)
  • layout bond paper, such as 9" x 12" Canson Pro Layout Marker (P32)
  • several small sheets of good quality dark paper, Strathmore ArtAgain is a great choice for black (P81) (P58)
  • Moon Palace Sumi Ink (I70)
  • Martin’s Bleed Proof White or similar for writing with white on dark paper (I38)
  • compass, pencil (S1061) (S142)


Supplies that will be demonstrated during the class: