The Expressive Line, Part 1 - May 3, 10, 17

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The Expressive Line, Part 1

The third series will look at all that is inky, spontaneous and full of life: the calligraphic line as a voyage of discovery. We will begin with some outliers in the history of Latin letters, looking at how a line can move and shift instead of following a predictable path. This series will look at calligraphy as a process of drawing as much as of writing. Letters are shapes that you can alter radically without losing legibility entirely.

Dates & time

  • May 3, 10, 17 2021
  • 8:00pm Brussels time
  • 2:00pm NY time
  • 6:00am next day Sydney time

This online course will consist of three Zoom sessions:

  • One live lesson with demonstrations and an assignment for you to do in your own time.

  • One live illustrated lecture on the history of Arabic and Chinese calligraphy, with Q&A.

  • One live crit session in which I will review a selection of the assignments posted by students, with Q&A.

* Sessions will be recorded and made available to students until the end of the March.

Material list:

  • Cola can pen (N148) (N155) (N211) (N30) (N218)

  • Sumi ink (I70)

  • 3 sheets good quality paper with a bit of texture, weight160gm – 220gm  (Rives BFK, Fabriano 5 and Saunders Waterford are good) (PS107)

* HANDOUTS will be sent a few days before the series begins.