Bonnie Stahlecker - Slotted Spine Binding - May 1 and 8

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These classes are not hosted by John Neal Books.

Bonnie Stahlecker – Slotted Spine Binding – May 1 and 8

Bonnie Stahlecker is pleased to offer a bookbinding class on Slotted Spine Binding. This two-week class will focus on crafting a book with a spine made of heavyweight paper and covered board covers. The catch stitch sewing is executed through slots in the spine-piece, which creates a unique binding feature. In addition to the main lesson, there is supplementary information sprinkled thought out the course. Some of these gems are the down-low on adhesives, cutting the binder’s board by hand, and determining the grain direction in materials.

The dates are May 1 and 8, 2021

Cost: $150 USD


The format is pre-recorded tutorial videos with detailed PDF handouts. There will be time for the students to work at their convenience after watching the videos.


Recommended Supplies:

  • Jade PVA (S340)
  • Short Needle Stylus (S579)
  • Bone Folder (S308)
  • Teflon Folder  (S346)
  • Davey Board  (S714)
  • Excel Knife  (S417)
  • Bookbinding Needles (S213)
  • Linen Thread 18/3  (S352)