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Calligraphy & Calligraphers

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B4083. Journeys in Calligraphy / Lach
B4083. Journeys in Calligraphy: Inspiring Scripts from Around the World by Denise Lach. 2015. 192pp. 9.25"x10.2". Hardcover.

Not only do scripts and alphabets form bridges between cultures, but their history and the stories they tell are the perfect springboard for calligraphic experimentation. From India to Ethiopia, Tibet and beyond, Lach has travelled widely in the world of script. Here, she documents complex and simple characters, playful shapes, and vibrant colors, which she then translates into her own visual art. She demonstrates the exciting design possibilities offered by script: you can repeat, turn, mirror, and rotate letters; you can also experiment with rhythms, contrasts, colors, and line widths. In addition to calligraphic techniques, Lach introduces examples from printmaking, fabric printing, collage making, and digital techniques. As illustrated by its beautifully photographed works of art – on paper, stone, fabric, or ceramic material – Journeys in Calligraphy will take you to many surprising destinations.

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B4082. 100 Illustrated Bible Verses
B4082. 100 Illustrated Bible Verses: Inspiring Words. Beautiful Art. 2015. 208pp. 6"x6". Paper

Combines the timeless words of the Bible with lettering and illustration in a variety of contemporary "hand-done" styles from 25 artists. It's a vibrant way to experience the living word. The verses are drawn from seven translations (including the New International Version, The New Revised Standard Version, and The King James Bible) and arranged in order, beginning with Genesis 1:1. These selections include some of the most meaningful passages of the Old and New Testament.

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B3401. World Encyclopedia of Calligraphy / Calderhead
The World Encyclopedia of Calligraphy: The Ultimate Compendium on the Art of Fine Writing - History, Craft, Technique, compiled and edited by Christopher Calderhead and Holly Cohen. 2011. 320pp. 10"x10".

Discover the sophisticated beauty of calligraphy from around the world with this comprehensive, one-of-a-kind resource. Using visual examples accompanied by expert commentary, The World Encyclopedia of Calligraphy features 55 living scripts, including: Carolingian (Roman), Japanese Hiragana (Japanese), Thuluth (Arabic), Ü-Chen (Tibetan), and Yerushalmi (Hebrew). Each script includes an overview of its origins, traditions, and unique characteristics, while an expanded description includes the kind of writing system used, the direction and sequence of the lines of continuous text, distinctions between majuscule and minuscule, and the principal writing tool. Both a step-by-step guide and sumptuous visual tour, this groundbreaking collection will teach and inspire you.

"[The World Encyclopedia of Calligraphy] is phenomenal!" June T., South Africa 11-7-2012

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B3435. About More Alphabets (Zapf) / Kelly
About More Alphabets: The Types of Hermann Zapf by Jerry Kelly with a foreword by Robert Bringhurst. 2011. 112pp. 4.5"x7". Hardcover

In 1960, the Typophiles published a now-treasured chapbook on Hermann Zapf's metal faces. More than 50 years later, this new volume brings you up-to-date, presenting a selection of his major alphabet design projects. Even as letterforms changed from metal to phototype to digital, Zapf continued to produce exceptional typefaces - most drawing from pen-made forms. The book is filled with type drawings and trials and other illustrations, some rarely seen. Purchase your copy of this finely-printed letter art treasure designed by Jerry Kelly. (As a used book, the first Zapf chapbook can command $100 or more.). Typophile Chap Book New Series no. 3.

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B2919. Celebration of Calligraphy / SSI
Celebration of Calligraphy: Seventy-Five Years of the Society of Scribes & Illuminators. 1996. 64pp. 8.25"x10.5". Paper

*Limited Stock*

Another great SSI Catalog filled with calligraphic eye-candy, English style. Includes pieces by Marie Angel, Denis Brown, Heather Child, Hazel Dolby, Gaynor Goffe, Anne Hechle, David Howels, Donald Jackson, Janet Mehigan, Timothy Noad, Irene Wellington and more. This collection of exquisite calligraphy, illumination, heraldry and lettering celebrates the 75th anniversary of the Society of Scribes & Illuminators (SSI).

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B3398. WordsWork / Australian Society
WordsWork: Calligraphy and Lettering Art of Australia and New Zealand - 2009-2010. 2010. 150pp. 8.75x11.25. Paper

Presents the talents of 72 Australian and New Zealand calligraphers and lettering artists. It is a showcase of traditional and nontraditional calligraphic art, from works on canvas, vellum, and paper to sculptures, book art, clothing, ceramics and more. 170 color photos. Published by the Australian Society of Calligraphers. Full-color throughout.

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B3416. Celebration of the Alphabet / Sim
A Celebration of the Alphabet by Lee Sim. 2011. 56pp. 6.75x8.5. Spiral

In this alphabet of 26 decorated contemporary versals, each letter is created with one continuous line and is outlined with white. Each of the 26 letters is contained within the same-sized frame, which overflows with a menagerie of feathers, sunflowers, shells, swirls, patterns, vines, leaves and much more. Each letter has a different collection of elements. The designs were drawn in pencil, inked in black, and completed in 2010. 26 plates.

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B3417. Scripsit: WCG 35th Anniversary Exhibiton
WCG 35th Anniversary Exhibition Scripsit. 2011. 48pp. 8.5x11. Paper

This visual feast of calligraphy presents, in full-color, over 75 works of lettering art. The pieces are by Karen Ackoff, Pat Blair, Tim Botts, Annie Cicale, Nancy Culmone, Kristen Doty, Reggie Ezell, Ann Hechle, Eliza Holliday, Mike Kecseg, Patte Leathe, Carl Kurtz, Jean Larcher, Judy Melvin, Diane Von Arx Anderson, Julian Waters, Sheila Waters, Hermann Zapf and many others.

The issue also includes highlights from the 35 years of the Washington Calligraphers Guild, photos from the opening of the exhibit and a memorial section for Ann Pope. Six of the pieces are from the Nice Rendition Exhibit (and book), which was also part of this show. The exhibit was held April 14 - June 5, 2011.

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B3409. Graceful Envelope (I)
The Graceful Envelope (I). 32pp. 7x10. Paper

This first book of Graceful Envelopes is full-color throughout and displays 30 decorated envelopes with comments on the design and the calligrapher. Includes envelopes by Flo Cole, Katherine Malmsten, Virginia Meltzer, Valerie Weilmuenster and many more, All 116 of the calligraphers (who submitted a total of 200 envelopes) are listed. Published by the Smithsonian.

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B3374. Scripsit: Hand & Heart: Calligraphers Embellish Family Celebrations
Hand & Heart: Calligraphers Embellish Family Celebrations. Scripsit Issue. 2010. 48pp. 8.5x11. Paper.

Presents wedding and event calligraphy of Lee Ann Clark (pointed pen), Patty Leve (ketubot), Joan Machinchick (mostly Italic in creative formats), Tamara Stoneburner (mostly pointed pen) and Chris Tischer (Italic). Includes wedding announcements, invitations, reply cards, menus, a seating chart, a guest book, and an anniversary announcement; certificates of marriage and Jewish wedding contracts (ketubot); and family trees. Full-color throughout.

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