Exploring Folded Pen Lettering with Yukimi Annand

  • Folded pen: Tim's pen ("Radius" nibs) and/or New Horizon folded nib (N148)
  • Arches MBM (105gsm) or Arches text wove paper, 1 to 2 full sheets (PS104, PS01)
  • A good watercolor paper and/or printmaking paper you already have. Arches hot press paper also works well. (PS42, PS47)
  • One or two sheets of Canson,or Hahnemühle Black and gray ingres paper (PS05, PS22-BLK)
  • About 30 pages of 11" × 17" Strathmore 300 Series Drawing Paper or Charcoal paper (P51)
  • Several sheets of layout bond paper or tracing paper, letter size or larger (P09-50, P43)
  • Pencil #2 (B or HB) and or mechanical pencil 0.5 or 0.3mm (PL38, PL21)
  • Eraser (E13)
  • Black Sumi ink (Fueki bokuju green bottle ink recommended) (I22-2)
  • White gouache and/or Dr. Martin's bleed proof white (WNG1, I38)
  • Your choice of two to three colors of acrylic ink (Magic Color ink or FW Artists' ink recommended) or good quality watercolor (I13, I28, WNWC1)
  • Pipettes (S1039)
  • Plastic 6 well palette (S679)
  • Dish for ink (S801)
  • Water container (S1005)
  • Rag or paper towel (S817)
  • Masking tape (S412, S931)
  • Ruler (set of triangle about 12" or straight ruler about 12") (S270)
  • Pointed needle tool or tapered awl (S966)
  • • Your chosen text, 7 to 30 words
  • Cola pen, any kind of folded pens you already have (N155, N30)
  • Good quality small pointed brush (0 to 000) for retouching (BR26)
  • 1" to 2" flat hake brush and water container for experiment pieces
If you wish to bind your exercise sheets
  • Binder clips
  • glue stick (S391)
  • bone folder and paper knife (S308)