Stretching Your Italic (aka: Italic Textures) with Diane von Arx

  • Ink (Click HERE for our selection of inks)
  • Pen holders with a variety of nib sizes including Speedball C-0 through C-4 (or comparable sizes; an extra wide size like Coit or Automatic Sign Pen) (H111, N09, N27)
  • Layout paper (Diane uses Borden & Riley #37) (P09-50)
  • Prepared text of approximately 50 words
  • Filling brush (BR43)
  • T-square (S623)
  • Pencil & eraser (PL38, E13)
  • One fresh l.5 mm black marker and a nib that is the same exact size (FP67, N02, N09)
  • Slant or lap board (S690)
  • Rag or paper towel (S817)
  • 2" x 18" strip of black or dark navy paper