Retreat with Brody Neuenschwander: Wrong Letters

Supply List
  • Automatic pen number 5 (larger sizes might come in handy too, but the number 5 is essential) (N27)
  • Winsor and Newton Series 7 Sable brush number 3 (preferably new, the point needs to be good) (BR28)
  • Any other pens and brushes you choose to bring
  • Sumi ink (I70)
  • Variety of gouache colors (WNG1)
  • Mixing palettes (S679)
  • Pencil and ruler (PL38, S270)
  • Rives BFK 250 gram, 50 x 65cm - ten sheets (I have a strong preference for Rives BFK for this kind of work because it is slow-working, gives sharp lines with the pointed brush and has a lovely effect on gouache colors) (PS91)