Pointed Pen Variations with Mike Kecseg

  • Pointed pen nibs (examples: Hunt #101, Gillott #303, Hiro #41, Nikko "G", Leonardt EF Principal or your favorite nib ) (N77, N72, N82, N113, N120)
  • Oblique pen holder (H129)
  • Straight pen holder (H111)
  • Black ink (examples: Higgins Eternal, McCaffrey's, Moon Palace Sumi , ink stick and grinding stone or your favorite ink ) (I08, I37, I70, IS28, IS37)
  • Graph paper with 1/8" squares (P22)
  • 1-2 sheets or half sheets of a quality art paper (examples: Arches HP, Canson Mi Tientes, or your favorite art paper) (PS47, PS61, PS112)
  • Pencil (PL38)
  • Straight edge (S270)
  • Protractor or adjustable triangle (S632)
  • Gouache or colored ink (white or Dr. PH Martin's bleedproof white, black and 2-3 colors of your choice) (WNG1, I38)
  • Mixing tray or mixing cups (S120-30)
  • Mixing brush (BR43)
  • Drawing board (optional ) (S690)
  • T-square (optional) (S623)