Carol Dubosch - Ben Shan

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Ben Shahn Lettering

1-Day Workshop

Carol DuBosch

All Skill Levels Welcome
Lettering • Design


Ben Shahn is best known for his powerful posters and works of social realism from the 1960’s. His lettering is quirky and lively, and very much the product of a hand. The script is easily learned and can be adapted and customized as needed for various applications. The informal, fresh look of the script is perfect for cards, envelopes, manuscript books and broadsides. This one-day class will focus on learning the Ben Shahn letters. We will also explore color-blending and several creative layout exercises.


Folded Pen

Bring any that you already own. (The pens made from Coke cans from classes with Brody Neuenschwander and/or Peter Thornton will not work well for us in this workshop.)

Folded Pens that I recommend (pictured in the order listed here). Please have at least one folded pen that you enjoy working with.

  • Tim’s Pen – Radius or Mini Radius (N148)
  • Luthis Libelula – (N155)
  • Horizon Brass Folded Pen
  • Radius-Cut Pilot Parallel Pen, 6 mm or 3.8 mm (FP132)


  • Higgins Eternal or Walnut. (I08) (I145)
  • Optional: Bring a bottle or two of colored inks that you like to use. It is much simpler to dip our folded pens into ink than to fuss with the watercolor pans in the paintbox.


  • Gilbert Bond (11”x17”) is my favorite paper for any calligraphy (P70)
  • Pencil (PL38)
  • cotton rag
  • water container (S1005)