Connie Furgason - Italic Variations & Funky Blooms - April 23

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Italic Variations & Funky Blooms
With Connie Furgason
Presented by Ocala Calligraphy Guild

April 23, 2022
10am – 4pm ET via Zoom

Italic Variations: For the first part of the workshop we will transition basic italic to a variation which helps create a “dance” to the letters and breathes nuance into your text. In advance of the class it would be helpful to practice your basic italic which will help in being more aware of the individual variations made to the letterforms. Use black or walnut inks.

Funky Blooms: During the second portion of the day we will have fun with some simple blooms which can be achieved by a few strokes with your edged brush. I will also forward a basic palette I like to work from but you are not required to have all of the colors. We can work with what you have and you are free to add what you might like to work with.

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Supply List (Italic Variations)

  • Speedball C1 or C2 nib (N09)
  • Sumi, walnut, or other favorite ink (I70) (I145)
  • Practice pad (P25)

Supply List (Funky Blooms)

  • Watercolors (WNWC1) (WNWC2) (WNWC3) (WNWC4) (S1000) (S1054)
  • 1/2" flat watercolor brush (BR24)
  • Pieces of watercolor paper, either hot press or cold press or other paper that accepts paint. Pads of Canson watercolor paper or similar are fine. (PA42) (P113)