Connie Furgason - Lettering on Fabric - March 25, 26, 27

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Lettering on Fabric March 25th, 26th, 27th 5pm-7pm MST

Three 2 hour sessions
6 Hours total instruction time
$85 Canadian Funds Payable by Paypal***
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Skill level: Must be comfortable with using edged pens, and familiar with a few alphabets.

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Our lettering can find its way onto a wide variety of surfaces with one of those being fabric. There are multiple options including canvas, primed canvas, duck cloth just to name a few. During this class I will be focusing on lettering on unbleached muslin which can be a wonderful surface to write on and accepts a wide variety of mediums without a primer. I will do some demos on other cloth to show results and the difference surface makes.
Writing on fabric also requires a few techniques to ensure your lettering stays crisp as you write especially when one goes to tinier writing. I will do some exercises to help students achieve the desired results on projects as well as becoming more aware of how to implement design ideas as we work.
Session One: We will spend some time writing our chosen text with small pens on paper to focus on some of the nuances required to successfully letter on fabric as well as test a variety of mediums on the fabric surface. Lettering will be done with a variety of sizes with broad pens and other tools. I will demonstrate different mediums beyond what we will mainly work with in class that students may want to try in the future. (I’m not in favour of having students spend extra money on some supplies that they may find they don’t use.)
Session Two: The process will continue as we experiment with larger tools and combining mediums to discover what combinations create an appealing outcome. I will share some samples with a variety of tools and mediums which have been done on canvas and other fabric surfaces. I will also demonstrate how to use gesso for textural effects as part of a design.
Session Three: During this final class I will demonstrate lettering using both a variety of mediums and tools how I determine what to use for specific kinds of projects. I will also show lettering on Japanese paper which can be added to fabric pieces as collage.

Supply List:

  • Fabric: 5 or 6 pieces of unbleached muslin fabric cut to desired size. I have cut mine into 10”x10” square pieces as a fabric sampler but you can cut yours whatever size you prefer as long as they are at least 8” or 10” in length or diameter for ease of process. There are different weights of muslin and I am not an expert on fabric. I have been using a supply of muslin that came from my mom’s plentiful gathering of fabric which I would say is a lighter weight. I have done some work on a slightly heavier piece. If you have easy access you may want to try a couple of different weights but it is not required.


  • Optional: If you have unprimed canvas or duck cloth already on hand you would like to try you are welcome to use some. It will not be the main focus of the class.
    Pens: Favourite broad edged pens but should have a ½mm or ¾mm Brause, Tape or equivalent size in other brand as well as a range up to something larger ie: Speedball C1 or C2 of equivalent in other brand. (N02) (N04) (N09)


  • Inks: Black sumi ink, walnut ink along with any other inks you may have on hand and want to experiment with. Watercolour and/or gouache you have on hand. Optional: Liquid acrylic inks ie: Daler Rowney .(I will be doing demos with other mediums and you are free to try what you have on hand.) (I70) (I145) (WNG1)


  • Other Tools: Waterproof black fine tipped pen ie: Mars Staedtler Pigment Liner or Micron Pigma Pen 0.1 and a few other larger sizes of your choice (0.3, 0.4) I haven’t tried all waterproof pens available but I’m not fond of Sharpie. Feel free to experiment with what you have on hand as well. Pencils: HB 2H. Any coloured pencils you have on hand. Ie: Prismacolour . ½” or or ¾” brush and or mid size round brush for some mark making and creating backgrounds for text. (M17) (S142) (PL38) (BR23) (BR30)
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