Connie Furgason - Season Leaves Booklet

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Season Leaves Booklet

Connie Furgason

1-Day Workshop

All Skill Levels Welcome
Lettering • Design • Drawing • Journaling • Painting • Book Arts


In this class students will paint a variety of seasonal leaves using watercolour and simple illustration from which we will then create a folder style booklet. Simple lettering will also be added to the designs.

Please note: Plan to work only with scripts, tools, and techniques you are familiar with! This workshop is not about learning these aspects but how to use and play with them.


• 2H or 3H pencil and sharpener (PL38) (PL13)
• Watercolours (see below)
• ½” flat watercolour brush (BR01) and one smaller watercolour brush for detail painting size #1 or #2 (BR24)(BR26)
• A fine tipped black waterproof liner pen (M17)
• Faber Castell Artist Pitt Pen XS or S (M43)
• Scissors or X-Acto Knife (S417)
• Paper: a few pieces of 140lb watercolour paper size 8 ½” x “11 hot and/or cold press, whatever you might have on hand. (PS00, PS01-FS, PS01, PA110, PS42) 
Arches text wove. One piece cut to approx. 20” x “6, two pieces cut to approx. 8 ½“ x 12”
(We will be making some small booklets so these sizes are approx. You can create any size of your choice. If you do not have Arches text wove a 90lb watercolour paper can be used.

Brands I use: Winsor and Newton, Daniel Smith, Lukas. I prefer tube paints as I like to mix on a palette. (WNWC1,WNWC2,WNWC3,WNWC4)
I do have a travel box for pigments. John Neal Bookseller carries some nice travel box options.