Connie Furgason - Threads and Whispers - March 2, 3, 4

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Threads and Whispers with
Connie Furgason
Tues March 2nd Wed 3rd Thurs 4th
5-7pm MST

$85 Canadian Funds made payable to Paypal

Please register by Feb 25th

Level: Student should be comfortable working with edged pens and be familiar with a few alphabets.

Amongst our lettering art endeavours we have the opportunity to express words we choose and add multiple dimensions to that expression. Whether it is abstract or a simple design a tiny thread of text can create contrast and visual impact. During this class I will demonstrate how to write in “threads”, a very loose tiny style of text which can tie elements of a piece together. These threads can be a “whisper” in a piece, reflecting the theme or be an added design element.
Session One: We will focus on creating the thread writing working both in pencil and ink. We will focus on the individual elements that are the basis of this style and how to create a rhythmic and expressive line. We will then create some abstract marks with ink. I will show some options for backgrounds on to which text will be added. Students will determine what words they would like to work with.

Session Two: We will begin with creating some backgrounds and/or a single design element around which we will add text. Students will choose text they wish to add to the pages and then determine what kind of background or image will be the inspiration based on the text. I will demonstrate techniques that could be used.

Session Three: We will begin the session by combining the “thread” writing with the chosen text then find ways to create visual contrast and interest ensuring that the process enhances the final design. The goal is to have these additional threads of text be the element to bring and additional “bit” that can bring life to the words.


  • HB and 2H Pencil and sharpener or mechanical pencil (PL38) (PL13) (PL21)
  • Broad edged nibs: Favourite sizes but must include Brause (N02) or Tape (N01) 1/2mm or 3/4mm, a pointed pen nib of your choice (a sturdy one works best) (N120) 
  • Favourite practise or layout paper  (P09)
  • One full sheet Watercolour paper: hot press, Arches Text wove or other paper that has a relatively smooth surface which will accept water media and not too rough as it will make tiny writing difficult. Paper can be cut in half then one of those halves cut in half again =3 pieces. (PS01) (PS42) (PS01-pkt)
  • Walnut ink, sumi ink (I145)(I70)
  • Watercolours: including yellow ochre, Prussian Blue or Indigo Blue, Winsor Red or Alizarin Crimson (WNWC1)
  • Edged/Flat watercolour brush size ½” or 3/4” or other brush large enough to create marks. (BR24)
  • Ruler  (S271) (S798


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