Christopher Haanes - From Foundational to Antiqua - June 1-22

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Pen to print to pen

– From Foundational to Antiqua

We will explore the relationship between the written and the printed, typography and calligraphy. We will be pouring life into our letters with pen and ink. Starting with the Foundational Hand, we will look at how seemingly simple shapes gave birth to the littera antica, the oldstyle Renaissance letter which came to dominate as a vessel for European literature during the next 500 years. What constitutes a good arch form? How can we make rhythmical, lively letterforms that are also functional and legible? Old type designs and modern ones, old calligraphy and modern twists. All levels are welcome.

The class is live, and the recording will be available for viewing three months after the class has ended.

Tuesdays 1st – 22nd June, 20:00–22:00 CEST

Some or all of the following choice of papers:

  • Arches Text Wove (PS01)
  • Zerkall (PS92)
  • Rives BFK (PS91)
  • Khadi Indian Handmade papers come in several different textures. (PS103)
  • Daler layout pads in A3 size are good for practicing sometimes. (Not Available in US)


  • All sizes of Brause nibs are recommended [Mitchell nibs not suitable] (N02)
  • Pencil [2h]. (PL38)
  • Pointed brush, for loading nib with ink (BR43)
  • Colored pencils (PL05)


  • Chinese Stick Ink (IS38)
  • Ink Stone
  • Higgins Eternal is a cheaper substitute, but the Chinese stick ink is highly recommended (I08)
  • Colours are optional, but please use Winsor and Newton gouache (Click HERE to see our full listing of Winsor Newton Gouache)


  • T Square (S753)
  • Dividers
  • Compass
  • Scalpel blade [no 21 for scraping]
  • Adjustable drawing board (S690)
  • Sandarac powder (S123)
  • Ruler (S271)
  • Eraser (E13)
  • Old cloth
  • Water jar(S1005)
  • Guard sheet or cotton glove (as you prefer),