Cheerio with Thomas Ingmire 2017

Cheerio Spring 2017 Retreat - Thomas Ingmire

May 7th through May 12th, 2017

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"All art aspires towards the condition of music." These are the words of Carl Andre, an American minimalist artist recognized mainly for his large public artworks. The words capture my on-going interest in the relationship between poetry, music, and calligraphy. Our work will be a continuation and hopefully an expansion of the exercises and investigations of recent workshops. The ideas of Hans Burgert, which have played a roll in the recent classes will be a part of our research, in particular his plea to think of letters as graphic forms and not letterforms. I wish to make the absurd link between this thought and asemic writing, which is an apt description for most "expressive calligraphy works." With this in mind, and some play with music and poetry, we will make some visual calligraphic works. I am interested also in discussions about what roll calligraphy plays in relationship to making words visual. The participants input in the class is extremely important. Someone has to be responsible for making sense of this.